Train Valley - Germany

全体上车!我们现在直达德国!体验 Train Valley 德国时期追加下载内容 (DLC),探索 6 个铁路历史的新关卡,从第一批德国铁路和第一次世界大战开始,到柏林墙倒塌和现代法兰克福机场,精彩纷呈。

Train Valley - Germany

All aboard! We are moving straight to Germany!

Explore 6 new levels of railroad history with the German Season DLC for Train Valley, starting from the first German railroads and World War I to the fall of the Berlin Wall and modern Frankfurt Airport.
  • Finish all 5 episodes of the new Story Mode.
  • Enjoy the replayability of the Random Mode with changing layout.
  • Manage new 6 German locomotives and new cars from different historical periods.
  • Accomplish new challenging level missions and achievements.
  • Explore new unexpected conditions like biplane bombing or a super-train express moving across the map

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作者:Chris Wray
8.6 / 10
Train Valley has surprised in so many ways. An interesting, challenging and detailed game in a lovingly small and pleasing package. Offering hours of track building and train crashing in what seems like it should be a basic package. Pure proof that pumping a product full of extra features, that prove extraneous at best, isn't the way to go.
作者:Alec Hawley
8 / 10
Slight niggles aside, Train Valley 2 is very easy to recommend to anyone wanting a laid-back management simulator. It’s a beautifully executed hybrid of puzzle game and tycoon sim that charms and challenges in equal measure.
8 / 10
The gameplay is the real winner in Train Valley, as it manages to be both frustrating and addictive, but also incredibly rewarding once you finally complete the mission with all the objectives.
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Train Valley 系统要求



OS versionWindows XP (SP3)+
OS versionWindows 10
CPUIntel Core 2 Duo E4500 @ 2.2GHz or AMD Athlon 64 X2 5600+ @ 2.8 GHz
CPUIntel Core i3 +
Memory2 GB
Memory4 GB
GPUATi Radeon HD 2400 or NVIDIA GeForce 7600 or better
GPUNVidia GeForce 1050 Ti or better
DirectXDirectX 9
Storage1 GB
Storage1 GB
  • 音频: 不适用
  • 文本: Russian, Czech, Japanese, Turkish, Chinese (Simplified), Polish, Romanian, Portuguese, Spanish (Spain), English, French, German, Italian
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