Vagrus - The Riven Realms Season Pass

Embark on countless new adventures and set yourself up for the long term with the Vagrus Season Pass. With it, you can partake in Vagrus’s massive expansion, as well as survive and thrive in numerous new, exciting locations across the Riven Realms and beyond.

Vagrus - The Riven Realms Season Pass

Sunfire and Moonshadow

Vagrus’s first expansion, Sunfire and Moonshadow, offers a new, vast region to explore complete with a swathe of new settlements, new enemies to conquer, new stories to be a part of, a large cast of characters, and new quests to complete through which the vagrus may make their mark on Xeryn. With all this, as well as the introduction of a central conflict involving three new factions – the Ahari, the Chimera Legion, and the Handjari – the expansion features content approaching half the size of the core game.
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Unannounced Companion DLC

The two companions in this upcoming DLC are antagonistic toward each other. Whose side are you going to take and what new paths these two will lead you down? We aim to release this DLC in the first half of 2024.
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Unannounced Region DLC

This upcoming DLC is adding a smaller region in size than the Bronze Desert, but an intriguing one nonetheless, with a lot to discover. We aim to take a fundamentally different approach here, introducing new mechanics and offering exciting new ways to interact with these parts of the Riven Realms. The release of this DLC is expected to be towards the end of 2024.
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We will update this page with more details about each of the unannounced DLCs when the time is right.
Note from Lost Pilgrims:
It is no secret that by purchasing the Season Pass, you are greatly supporting the development of Vagrus by buying content ahead of its release. It is a purchase that lets us know that you are interested in the content we are producing or planning to create (both paid and free) while getting a small discount for yourself to boot.

Vagrus - The Riven Realms 系统要求



OS versionWindows 7
OS versionWindows 10
CPUIntel Pentium 2Ghz or AMD equivalent
CPUIntel i5 or AMD equivalent
Memory4 GB RAM
Memory8 GB RAM
GPU1280x768 minimum resolution, DirectX 9.0c compatible graphics card
GPU1920x1080 minimum resolution, DirectX 11 compatible graphics card
DirectXDirectX 9
DirectXDirectX 11
Storage6 GB available space
Storage10 GB available space
SoundCardDirectX 9.0c compatible
SoundCardDirectX 11 compatible
Additional input deviceGamepad
Epic ID
  • 音频: English
  • 文本: English
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