《Crossbow Rifle Bundle》

瞄得稳,射得准!这把弩箭步枪配备强力惊人的枪栓,每一发都能把敌人打得节节后退,仿佛被快如闪电的弓箭撕裂一样!此武器捆绑包内含:- 弩箭步枪 - 2种饰品(Helm、Rebellion币) - 2种定制武器皮肤(玩具、华丽)。

《Crossbow Rifle Bundle》



  • 弩箭步枪
  • 2种饰品(Helm、Rebellion币)
  • 2种定制武器皮肤(玩具、华丽)。

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作者:Mostafa Hossam
8 / 10
Zombie Army 4: Dead War brings the Sniper Elite experience to the zombie world. Rebellion's sequel is a considerable upgrade, featuring a gripping storyline, satisfying gunplay, and unique visuals for every city in Europe. Outside of the occasional bugs and glitches, Zombie Army 4: Dead War offers an entertaining experience that keeps you on the edge of your seat.
PC Gamer
作者:Alex Spencer
70 / 100
An excellently-crafted shooter, especially with friends.
作者:Codi Spence
85 / 100
Zombie Army 4: Dead War is a great addition to the franchise, even if it's your first time experiencing it. The gunplay is awesome, especially if you activate a kill cam shot. The enemies provide a tough challenge, so be careful and don't get cocky. You can do it alone, but I highly recommend shooting with a buddy.
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《Crossbow Rifle Bundle》 系统要求



操作系统Windows 10 64 位 / Windows 7 64 位*
中央处理器Intel Core i3-6100(或 AMD 同等产品)
内存4 GB RAM