《MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries》Standard Edition

This mod Expands the Interior of the Leopard Dropship, adding in new Facilities and Rooms allowing for Players to explore their Dropship Fully.
此模組需要遊戲:《MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries》Standard Edition。

Leopard Expanded Interior

=New rooms include=
Bridge= 2 Pilots, 6 Combat Stations, and 1 Commander Chair(as well as Access to Operations and the Barracks)
Med Bay= An Operation room and table, as well as a Private Doctor room and 5 Patent rooms,
Crew Quarters= 3Tables and Rec room with 8Rooms of 4Beds(32Crew) as well as Trinkets and Toys,
Engineering Rooms= Each with 4Tables as well as tools and Vises for Mechanics and Metantance to get their Mech on!
Engine Room= A Central Hub, with a 1Generator Core and 4Turbines off to each side
For & Aft Cargo bays= each with a Ball Players can Play within Coop friends.


To Install just place unzip and place (LeopardExpandedInterior v3.0 folder) file into your (...\Epic Games\MW5Mercs\MW5Mercs\Mods) folder.
This mod only Changes 6 Files:
& is compatable with anymod that doesnt not change those files.
It also includes 2 custom files:
=Known Issues=
some lights flashing in mech bay.
some screens not appearing in cockpit.

=( also found on Nexus )=