HADES: Get Pumped for 'The Beefy Update'!


Now players can come closer than ever to battling out of hell in Hades, with the launch of the game's biggest Early Access update yet! The Beefy Update opens up the next major biome: Elysium, the afterlife destination for the greatest of heroes!

In addition to the slew of new foes and encounters that await, The Beefy Update significantly enhances the core gameplay in Hades, making the player's dash more fluid than ever, and letting players stack even more weapon upgrades for mighty new character builds. Here are the highlights:

Key Features
- Explore Elysium, the afterlife of the greatest heroes of Greek myth! Here you will face terrible new foes and delve deeper into the game's unfolding story.
- Confront King Theseus & the Minotaur in one of Hades' most spectacular battles yet, featuring a thrilling blend of kinetic action and reactive storytelling.
- Dash Like Mad with this newly overhauled core mechanic, allowing for smoother, more responsive action.
- Weild New Boons & Powers for spectacular new combos, or give in to temptation by switching between boons from different gods.
- Experience an Enhanced Boon Interface that lets you manage an even greater number of god-given powers as you fight your way through the Underworld.

There's also brand-new music, a ton of new fully-voiced story moments and reactive combat events, scores of new art and visual FX, and more! Full patch notes are available in the game client and at the Supergiant official Discord.

Elysium was only for the greatest of mortals -- see how you fare among them!