Adventures of Chris

Embark on a global adventure in this ‘90s-inspired adventure platformer. Help a chubby underdog kid with wacky superpowers battle bizarre villains, unlock and customize special moves and spells, and save the world!
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Oh wow, I'm actually kinda surprised you scrolled down this far...that's awesome! My name's Chris, and I'm so excited to tell you about my game! It’s a ‘90s-inspired adventure platformer about the totally normal adventures I went on as a chubby kid back in 1995 - traveling the world, learning useful abilities, and, naturally, getting kidnapped and turned into a balloon by cartoon villains. Thankfully, I escaped and learned to use my transformation as a kind of superpower.
I got to learn all kinds of cool stuff - how to throw fireballs and lightning, how to bounce around like a basketball and rocket around the earth. It's a neat story...I think. I really hope you'll enjoy it - I had a lot of fun making it!
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  • Uncover a sinister story in a quirky, cartoon-like universe.
  • Explore 9 locations around the world in any order you please, plus the Kingdom of Lost Balloons and more!
  • Build Chris from a weak kid into the ultimate hero by upgrading him with unique special moves and abilities that you can customize to your style.
  • Learn (or purchase) increasingly powerful spells and techniques.
  • Battle bizarre villains across the globe, including samurai cats, cyborg penguins and whiny vampires.
  • Float or fall through unique platforming challenges.
  • Two additional full game modes, including bonus content - a more difficult and humorous Mean Mode, and Developer Commentary.
  • A variety of unlockable content and secrets to discover, including an in-depth backstory.
  • Numerous difficulty settings, including "Ridiculously Easy" for players who prefer to never die, and "Hard for No Reason" for crazy people.
  • Snort out loud with a game chock-full of laughs.

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張貼者:Chris Bowman
9 / 10
Have fun taking out giant spiders, bats, frogs, and other oversized creatures on your way to becoming the hero today.
張貼者:Jamie Davies
8 / 10
Adventures of Chris doesn't break new ground in the 2D platformer genre. Still, it provides genuine humour, personality and variety in bucketloads, all while sending a few loving glances to the 16-bit era of videogames.
Worth Playing
張貼者:Chris "Atom" DeAngelus
8 / 10
Overall, Adventures of Chris is a perfectly pleasant, charming and nostalgic trip for anyone who grew up in the 1990s.
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Adventures of Chris 系統需求



OS versionWindows XP SP2+
OS versionWindows XP SP2+
CPUSSE2 instruction set support
CPUSSE2 instruction set support
Memory2 GB RAM
Memory2 GB RAM
GPUDX9 (shader model 3.0) or DX11 with feature level 9.3 capabilities
GPUDX9 (shader model 3.0) or DX11 with feature level 9.3 capabilities
DirectXDirectX 9
Storage1 GB available space
Storage1 GB available space
  • 語音: 無
  • 文字: English, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish (Latin America)
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