City of Brass



在《BioShock》資深開發人員所製作的第一人稱動作冒險遊戲 -《City of Brass》中化身為一名膽大包天的盜賊。
你將利用手上的彎刀、靈活的皮鞭以及誘餌與陷阱,深入充滿一千零一夜氣息的繁華首都 - 或是隨著時光流逝迎來死亡。

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擷取自 Epic Games 生態系的玩家。

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Metro GameCentral
6 / 10
A novel setting and concept can't hide the game's technical limitations, but this is still an entertaining first person roguelike that does try to do things differently.
張貼者:Rich Meister
6.5 / 10
I love the look of City of Brass and its combat system, but after only about three hours I felt like I'd seen all it had to offer. It's a great way to kill an afternoon, I just wish it would give me a reason to keep coming back.
張貼者:Alexander Pan
7 / 10
City of Brass is a good dungeon crawler, with some of its best moments and mechanics derived from its rendition of an Arabian Nights theme. While its repetitive scenery and uneven presentation are noticeable tarnishes on its sheen, the satisfying combat and well-balanced difficulty curve will keep you going back for more.
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City of Brass 系統需求



其他注意事項需 64 位元處理器及作業系統
其他注意事項需 64 位元處理器及作業系統
作業系統Windows 7 64 位元
作業系統Windows 10 64 位元
處理器雙核心 2.4 GHz 以上
處理器Intel i7 2.5 GHz
記憶體4 GB 記憶體
記憶體8 GB 記憶體
顯示卡GeForce GTX 550 或同等級配備
顯示卡GeForce GTX 770 或同等級配備
Direct X版本 11
Direct X版本 12
存儲空間4 GB 可用空間
存儲空間4 GB 可用空間
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