《Curious Expedition 2: Highlands of Avalon》

《Highlands of Avalon》提供一種全新的島嶼類型「高地」(Highland),以及全新的格位類型、物品、地點、敵人,及更多內容。

《Curious Expedition 2: Highlands of Avalon》


《Highlands of Avalon》提供一種全新的島嶼類型「高地」(Highland),以及全新的格位類型、物品、地點、敵人,及更多內容。


全新島嶼類型:高地 (Highland),以及全新的格位組合,一種與在山丘和山谷旅行有關的新遊戲機制,一個名為 Picts 的新部落,以及一種新的祭壇美術
新增 8 種可召募兵種:Grail Knight、Precious Clydesdale(馬匹)、Kobold(3 種變化:Bard、Scoundrel、Shaman)、Picts islander(3 種變化:Spiritual Druid、Pictish Outrider、Tattooed Warrior)
新增 4 種敵人:Stone Golem、Kobold、Lake Serpent、Black Wolves
新增 6 處地點:Giant Horn、Wishing Well、Pointing Statue、Wild Kobolds、Lake Serpent、Precious Clydesdale Herd

為 Avalon 而戰!

新增 7 種裝備:Pictish Spear、Pictish Crossbow、Bag Pipe、Legendary Blade、Magnifying Glass、Cuirass、Armoured Boots
新增 5 種物品:Fairy Stone、Kobold Ear Wax、Stone Fragment、Bird call、Sea Monster scale
新增 4 個可解鎖關卡,地點在巴黎的 Royal Avalon Society Explorer Club,可以獲得 1 個可召募人物及 3 件裝備

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張貼者:Jake Hill
56 / 100
The gameplay is fun for a time, but once you see what Curious Expedition 2 has to offer, you will start to look beneath the surface. If you do that and you still like what you see, maybe you’ll have a new indie favorite. Or maybe you’ll find that your curiosity is quickly sated, and you’ll move on to the next thing.
Gaming Nexus
張貼者:Elliot Hilderbrand
7.4 / 10
Curious Expedition 2's gorgeous backgrounds and good-looking characters improve on the first title, but don't do enough to make the management part of the game sparkle. Expeditions become a trudge, especially when your party robs you of all your alcohol; and combat can be fun, but not much fun to look at.
God is a Geek
張貼者:Sean Smith
7 / 10
Curious Expedition 2 is a seriously odd, fiendishly difficult, yet somehow weirdly charming experience that sucks you in against your better judgement.
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《Curious Expedition 2》 系統需求



OS versionWindows 7
OS versionWindows 7
CPU2 Ghz
CPU2 Ghz
Memory4 GB
Memory4 GB
GPUDX10 相容顯示卡
GPUDX10 相容顯示卡
Storage3 GB
  • 語音: 無
  • 文字: Russian, Korean, Japanese, Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified), Spanish (Spain), German, French, English
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