Deep Sky Derelicts - New Prospects
Deep Sky Derelicts - New Prospects

Deep Sky Derelicts: New Prospects introduces a number of new features and upgrades that open up prospects for the scavengers roaming the DSD world. These include new locations, new class, new enemies, new exploration mechanics, new side missions, and more!

Deep Sky Derelicts - New Prospects

Deep Sky Derelicts: New Prospects, the first expansion to Deep Sky Derelicts, introduces a number of remarkable upgrades and new features, opening up exciting new prospects for the scavengers roaming the DSD world.
Making planetfall, getting lost in blizzards and sandstorms, engaging with scavenger colonies and clearing out monster lairs – not only does the New Prospects expansion give a hefty boost to the variety of scenery and diversity of encounters out there, it also makes exploration even more exciting, tense and suspenseful than ever before. Get ready to have the risk-reward trade-off honed to a knife edge...
To help you cope with all these previously unseen perils, though, we’ve greatly reinforced you with many new and enhanced tools and possibilities, right at your fingertips. These include sneaking, ambushing enemies, remote scanning, en-route medical treatment, environmentally-mediated combat actions, and even an entirely new class – the Miner. Life has never been as difficult or exciting as now!

New exploration mechanics:

  • Stealth, Rush and Normal exploration stances now allow you to sneak past enemies or ambush them, or simply conserve energy and proceed as usual.
  • Field treatment helps restore wounded squaddies’ health and temporarily boost your card draw when away from home.

A wide range of new environmental conditions:

  • Global conditions (derelict-wide): dynamic gravity, plague ship, radiation waves and more.
  • New local conditions, including hazardous planetary conditions, such as blizzards and sandstorms.
  • Other defining conditions such as Ghost Ship (derelicts full of stealthy, dangerous enemies), and Tourist Trap (more loot, more dead scavengers...).

Wider universe to be discovered:

  • New locations to visit apart from the derelicts: ice and desert planets.
  • Settlements: confined, guarded areas that belong to various factions, such as scavenger colonies, pirate forts and scourge nests. These can all be interacted with in multiple ways, for example by taking contracts, trading or pillaging.

Additional class - the Miner and new enemies:

  • 10 new enemies, including deadly new variations on the Cobra and Skink, as well as the brand-new Dreadwurm, Stone Shepherds and Myrmexes.
  • New character class – the Miner. Custom look, ability tree and exclusive new heavy ranged weapon, the Blaster, plus extension mods and new cards!

New equipment and missions:

  • New equipment offering exciting new options for gearing up your scavengers, such as regenerating shield cores, as well as illustrious new mods to make them fully shine.
  • A dozen compelling new missions to accomplish, on planet surfaces and inside derelicts.

Numerous UI updates and improvements:

  • Stance selector button on the scanner screen.
  • Minor and major ship condition info on the star map screen.


Screen Rant
張貼者:Cody Gravelle
“Deep Sky Derelicts provides an exciting blend of tactics, card game, and roguelike elements.”
張貼者:Joseph Sale
8 / 10
“Everything about Deep Sky Derelict seems to have been done right, from the synthwave soundtrack to the lore to the unusual combat system. It's rare that a game with procedural elements holds my attention for long, and rarer still that an RPG can show me something new.”
張貼者:Jordan Ryan
7 / 10
“Deep Sky Derelicts is a decent little adventure that cares more about the journey than the destination. The problems are enough to keep me from loving it, but the combat is addictive and the exploration, while annoyingly simple, rewarding. If you're a fan of roguelikes, dungeon crawlers, or sci-fi RPGs, it's worth checking out.”
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Mac OS
作業系統Windows 7 / 8 / 10,僅限 64 位元
作業系統Windows 7 / 8 / 10,僅限 64 位元
處理器Intel Core i3 或同等級配備
處理器Intel Core i5 或同等級配備
記憶體4 GB RAM
記憶體8 GB RAM
儲存空間4 GB
儲存空間4 GB
顯示卡Intel HD Graphics 4400
顯示卡Nvidia GTX 660
  • 遊戲語音:英語
  • 遊戲文字:英文、簡體中文、法文、德文、波蘭文、西班牙文(西班牙)、俄文
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