Demon Turf: Neon Splash

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Maintain a constant momentum of precision platforming through surreal worlds, filled with bright neon colors, and enjoy the intoxicating combination of 2D & 3D art! Explore and hunt collectables or knuckle-down and master satisfying mechanics to reach the top of the leaderboards.


Woah! Beebz and her friends were sucked into the neon splattered world of a painting and need to get the heck outta there! Can you escape these dangerous & surrealist environments, using your platforming skills, to get back home?


  • This painting is no joke! Explore these surreal worlds, filled with bright neon colors, and enjoy the intoxicating combination of 2D & 3D art!
  • Beebz will focus on what she does best! Platforming! Maintain a constant momentum with no stopgaps or combat, it's all about the platforming that is faster & better than ever before!
  • A unique checkpoint system, tweaked to perfection! Place your own checkpoints at any time with no limit! Retreading is for losers!
  • Lots to do! Explore 10 finely crafted levels with a plethora of unique challenges and hazards that are constantly introduced to you at a record pace!
  • Setpiece levels with a fun narrative to boot! After all, Beebz didn't get sucked into the painting alone and her friends certainly are characters!
  • A ton of additional goals for you to complete, such as: Collecting all the sweets in a level, finding the hidden vinyl which unlocks 10 more remix levels & getting all the trophy times!
  • Remix levels?! You betcha! And don't be fooled, these are expertly crafted to be entirely new levels with brand new challenges! Better bring your A-game!
  • Who knows what awaits you if you complete the game 100%? We do, and it's pretty sweet, so you should do it.
  • 6 finely tuned modifications you can buy with your collectables: Sweets! Only the best of the best, such as mods that add an extra hit point, tweak or add new movesets etc. They even change your looks!
  • Leaderboards, baby! That's right, compete for the best times across the world and show off your mettle!
  • Photo Mode! Look, at this point it's mandatory and Beebz is really good at taking selfies! So snap away!
  • Settings galore! Seriously, this thing's packed with options, so customize your game the way YOU want it to be!


200 點經驗值
Music Queen
50 點經驗值
Neon Beach Champ
75 點經驗值
Neon Beach God
75 點經驗值
Neon City Champ
75 點經驗值

Demon Turf: Neon Splash 系統需求



OS versionWindows XP SP3 / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
OS versionWindows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 & Above
CPU3.0 GHz processor
CPU3.5 GHz processor
Memory4 GB RAM
Memory8 GB RAM
GPU15 GB available space
GPU20 GB available space
DirectXDirectX 9
  • 語音: English
  • 文字: English
Published by Playtonic Friends, Developed by Fabraz