你可以在《ELEX》中加入爭奪強大資源的戰爭,這種資源賦予人魔法般的力量,但卻會將他們轉變為無情的冷血生物。你將決定該由情感與人性統治 Magalan 的世界,或者冰冷的合成邏輯才是主宰。


  • 完全無縫的開放世界,沒有邊界也沒有載入區域,任你盡情享受極致探索
  • 垂直探索:使用噴射背包前往遊戲世界的任何地方
  • 在模擬遊戲世界中,所有事物都會與玩家的行為互動,提供身歷其境的感受
  • 高度相互連結的任務系統,支援真實的玩家選擇
  • 極具挑戰性的戰略戰鬥系統,同時滿足遠攻近戰的需求
  • 設定在末日後的科幻世界,結合了各類遊戲最引人入勝的一面

ELEX DLC 與附加內容

Epic 玩家評分

擷取自 Epic Games 生態系的玩家。

ELEX 評價與評論

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  • 61
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張貼者:Josh Tolentino
7 / 10
All in all, though, the game remains an impressive, if flawed, effort. Toting an interesting setting and some standout design choices, ELEX goes farther than any previous Piranha Bytes game in making the case for sticking with it in pursuit of a certain old-school ideal of RPG gaming, even if it can come at a cost in polish and presentation.
張貼者:T.J. Hafer
4.9 / 10
The best-case scenario for ELEX is that it'll be worth picking up on sale a year or two from now after it's been heavily patched to fix its rampant bugs and infuriating balance problems. It has enough good ideas that one day it might be talked about as one of those hidden RPG gems that people play and wonder why it wasn't successful at launch. But the frothy mix of joy and frustration that ELEX presents today skews too heavily toward the latter. I wish it well, but I don't think I'll be calling it up for a second date.
PC Gamer
張貼者:Jonathan Bolding
64 / 100
Inventive in some ways and stagnant in others, Elex will appeal to die-hard RPG fans and few others.
評論由 OpenCritic 所提供

《ELEX》 系統需求



作業系統64 位元版 Windows 7、Windows 8.1 以及 Windows 10
作業系統64 位元版 Windows 7、Windows 8.1 以及 Windows 10
處理器Intel Core i5 3570、AMD FX-6350
處理器Intel Core i7-4790、AMD FX-8350
記憶體8 GB
記憶體16 GB
儲存空間35 GB
顯示卡NVIDIA GTX 660 2GB、AMD Radeon 7850 2GB
顯示卡NVIDIA GTX 1060 3GB、AMD RX 480 4GB
其他DirectX 相容的音效卡
  • AUDIO: English
  • TEXT: English
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