Faraday Protocol

Faraday Protocol is a first person puzzle game that will test your wits and intelligence.

Faraday Protocol

Faraday Protocol is a first-person puzzle game that will test your wits and intelligence, challenging your critical thinking. You are Raug Zeekon: interstellar archeologist from planet Cunor. You have been sent by your company to investigate the source of a mysterious signal coming from an unexplored star.
The Bia Tool, an ancient relic of an alien civilization, is the first mystery you uncover when arriving in OPIS. Unsure of its true purpose you start wielding it to solve the challenges on your path. With its ability to absorb energy and the option to redistribute it to different machinery, you start digging deeper and deeper into the temples, encountering even harder puzzles that will test your savvy and abilities in problem solving. Are you smart enough to solve every challenge thrown at you?
You encounter a mysterious robotic voice. Her name is IRIS, an A.I. created to guard the ancient structures of OPIS. The complex seems to have been abandoned for aeons, but what was its purpose? Rooms filled with puzzles, getting more and more sophisticated and challenging as you progress through them. Who built them? Why would someone build a training facility like this on an otherwise abandoned planet?


  • Puzzle your way through the mysterious space station OPIS
  • Use the Bia-Tool to absorb and redistribute energy
  • Unravel the many mysteries of the station and its governing A.I. IRIS
  • Find hidden collectibles that reward especially attentive players
  • Experience a unique blend of retrofuturism


45 點經驗值
Interstellar Archeologist
100 點經驗值
Cadet Explorer
45 點經驗值
45 點經驗值
Locked up
45 點經驗值

Faraday Protocol 評價與評論

  • 45%
  • 73
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張貼者:Chris Inglis
9 / 10
Faraday Protocol is definitely in a league of its own.
張貼者:Alana Dunitz
8 / 10
Faraday Protocol is an interesting first-person puzzle game that has an intriguing storyline and puzzles to challenge your brain. The unique combination of futuristic visuals and Egyptian themed elements creates a mysterious and unique world for you to explore.
張貼者:Cosmin Vasile
7 / 10
Faraday Protocol checks the most important checkboxes of the genre: easy to learn mechanics, puzzles that become harder and harder, stylish art style and a few collectibles. Still, you cannot help but wonder why you have the feeling that the game is a bit empty. Despite the AI and your limited interaction with it, most of the time you will feel alone, in a world that is so focused on puzzles that it feels synthetic.
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Faraday Protocol 系統需求



OS versionWindows 7 64-bit
OS versionWindows 10 64-bit
CPUQuad-core Intel or AMD processor, 2.5 GHz or faster
CPUQuad-core Intel or AMD processor, 3.0 GHz or faster
Memory8 GB RAM
Memory16 GB RAM
GPUNVIDIA GeForce 770 GTX or AMD Radeon HD 7970 or higher
GPUNVIDIA GeForce 970 or AMD Radeon R9 290 or higher
DirectXDirectX 11
Storage4 GB
Storage4 GB
  • 語音: English
  • 文字: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish (Spain), Russian
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