戈梅茲(Gomez)是個活在 2D 世界的 2D 生物。真的是這樣嗎?在神秘的立體世界出現在他眼前後,戈梅茲踏上了引領他通往時空間盡頭的旅程。在 4 種獨特的傳統 2D 視角中運用你的能力在 3D 結構中四處遊覽。


We Got This Covered
張貼者:John Fleury
“Fez offers a clever gameplay premise and a charming, minimalist presentation, but its overly open-ended nature and confusing navigation system detract from the overall package.”
Digitally Downloaded
張貼者:Shaan Joshi
“I used to think that the joy of exploration and unbridled sense of discovery was lost to the games of consoles past, but Fez has not only proven me completely wrong, but it has given me hope for the future.”
Metro GameCentral
張貼者:Roger Hargreaves
8 / 10
“The game may never live down the notoriety of its designer but this is still one of the most entertaining and imaginative indie games of the last decade.”
評論由 OpenCritic 所提供


Mac OS
作業系統Windows XP SP3(Version 1.11,可使用「Betas」標籤進入)
作業系統Windows 7(1.12 版或更新)
處理器Intel Core 2 Duo 2.8Ghz 或同等級
處理器nVidia GeForce GT 240 或以上
記憶體2 GB RAM
記憶體4 GB RAM
顯示卡2 代 Intel Core HD Graphics (2000/3000) 或有 OpenGL 3.0 支援的 GPU
顯示卡nVidia GeForce GT 240 或以上
硬碟500 MB 硬碟空間
硬碟500 MB 硬碟空間
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