What chain does FusyFox use?

FusyFox utilizes the Skale Nebula chain for its current operations, but we're excited to announce upcoming integrations with Taraxa and Core Chain, expanding our reach thanks to our multi-chain model supported by Layer Zero and Chainlink technologies.

Do I need a Web3 Wallet to play FusyFox?

During the early access phase, players are required to have a wallet to engage with FusyFox. Players can connect their wallets, including Metamask. Upon the official launch, we will offer a free-to-play version, making it accessible to an even wider audience.

What role do cryptocurrencies and NFTs play in FusyFox?

In FusyFox, cryptocurrencies and NFTs are integral to the gaming experience. Characters and in-game items—including weapons, skins, and vehicles like ships and trucks—are represented as NFTs. This not only allows players to own their in-game assets but also enables these assets to be tradable within our marketplace and beyond.

What utility do FusyFox NFTs have?

FusyFox NFTs offer significant utility by ensuring true ownership and tradeability. As previously mentioned, characters and in-game items are represented as NFT. This also paves the way for a thriving in-game economy and enhances the value of in-game accomplishments.

Can I play FusyFox without interacting with Web3?

While FusyFox currently leverages Web3 technologies for an enhanced gaming experience, we are excited to announce that a Web2 version of FusyFox will be available in the future.

What is included in Early Access?

Early access includes access to a map (Asteroid Station) and two characters, a guardian and a healer, both of which can be leveled up. Although multiplayer features are not yet available, players have the unique opportunity to engage with the game early, completing tasks to earn experience points (XP).

How long will the game be in Early Access?

Early access will continue until the official game launch, scheduled for late Q4.

How often will you be updating the game?

We plan to update the game on a monthly basis.

Will my progress be saved during updates?

Yes, your progress will be saved during updates.

What is the current state of the game?

The game is currently in a pre-alpha state.

Can I provide feedback and bug reports?

Certainly! We highly value feedback and bug reports from our early access players. Your insights are crucial to refining and improving the game, helping us achieve our goal of delivering a top-notch gaming experience.

Is FusyFox free?

Currently, early access to FusyFox is accessible for free after minting an early access NFT. At the official launch, a free-to-play version will be available, broadening access to a larger audience.

Does FusyFox have a marketplace? What can I do with the things that I won or bought?

Yes, FusyFox has a marketplace where players can sell or purchase NFTs, including in-game characters and assets such as skins, weapons, armors, ships/trucks, and more. This feature allows players to trade and manage their virtual assets freely within the FusyFox ecosystem.

How is the community going to be included in the development process?

We'll incorporate community feedback through surveys, forums, and beta testing, especially focusing on the insights gathered during the early access phase. Player suggestions and discussions via dedicated channels will play a key role in refining game features and mechanics, ensuring the development aligns with player expectations and preferences.

What in-app or in-game purchases are offered in your product?

In the early access version of FusyFox, there's no need to purchase in-game assets. Players are encouraged to earn battle points to level up their characters and gain experience points for user progression. However, with our planned launch in Q4, gamers will have the opportunity to acquire more characters and in-game items through our marketplace, enhancing their gaming experience with a wider selection of assets.

Why foxes?

We chose foxes for their cleverness, agility, and the sense of mystery and adventure they embody. Foxes represent the spirit of exploration and adaptability, qualities we believe are essential in the dynamic and ever-evolving universe of FusyFox. Their intriguing nature and charismatic presence make them the perfect guides and characters for our players to connect with as they navigate the game's challenges and discoveries. While the lore of FusyFox centers around foxes, it's important to note that our universe is rich with a variety of other warriors and species, adding depth and diversity to the gaming experience.

Is there a white paper for FusyFox?

Yes, there is a white paper for FusyFox. You can find it here: