《Ghostrunner》霓虹包 包含僅建議 17 歲以上人士接觸的成人內容




• 餘暉之劍與手套組
• 冷光之劍與手套組
• 爍閃之劍與手套組
• 霓夜之劍與手套組

Ghostrunner 評價與評論

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張貼者:Sam Chandler
9 / 10
Ghostrunner will set your adrenaline racing and won’t let up until you’ve mastered its systems. And when you do reach that zen-like moment of precision and elegance, dancing on the edge of a blade between life and death, you’ll ask yourself, “Can I do better?” And that’s when Ghostrunner will have you, truly and deeply.
張貼者:Mitchell Saltzman
8 / 10
Ghostrunner's lightning-fast gameplay makes for a short-lived but memorable action game with some incredible moments.
張貼者:Thomas Hughes
9 / 10
Ghostrunner answers the age old question of "What if the combat was actually good in Mirror's Edge?" It perfectly pairs parkour style free-running with frantic, but precise combat to create movie-like action sequences. This is all backed up by a fun narrative that drives the gameplay forward at a blistering pace. Ghostrunner is honestly a must-have for PC players and the most fun I've had reviewing a game this year.
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《Ghostrunner》霓虹包 系統需求


作業系統WIN7(64 位元)
處理器Intel i3-2100 / AMD A8-5600k
記憶體8 GB RAM
顯示卡GeForce GTX 630 / Radeon HD 6570
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