Jackbox Party Pack 6
Jackbox Party Pack 6

《The Jackbox Party Pack 6》

當今最狂野的派對組合,內含《Trivia Murder Party 2》、古怪單字馬戲團《Dictionarium》、隱藏身分的《Push The Button》、帶來各種歡笑的《Joke Boat》還有人格測驗《Role Models》。使用手機或是平板來當控制器,最多能 10 名玩家同時進行遊戲!


張貼者:Chris Compendio
8 / 10
“Despite being built from previously-used parts, The Jackbox Party Pack 6 is still one of the more solid and consistent collections.”
張貼者:Kevin McClusky
8 / 10
“The Jackbox Party Pack 6 continues Jackbox's streak of funny, low-key party games without deviating much from their established formula. If you're looking for something fun to do with a group for a couple of hours, you can't go wrong with one of the Jackbox Party Packs. There aren't really any experimental games like Zeeple Dome from last year's collection, but there's plenty worth playing in this year's Pack.”
Game Rant
張貼者:Dalton Cooper
“The Jackbox Party Pack 6 has one weak mini-game, but otherwise it's perhaps the most well-rounded collection of party games yet.”
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Mac OS
作業系統Windows Vista SP2+
作業系統Windows 8.1+
處理器2.66 Ghz Core 2 Duo 或同等級
處理器2.33 GHz 四核心或以上
記憶體4 GB
記憶體8 GB
顯示卡GeForce 500+ / Radeon 5000+ 或以上
顯示卡GeForce 600+ / Radeon 6000+
存儲空間3 GB
存儲空間3 GB
  • 英語
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