Layers of Fear 包含僅建議 17 歲以上人士接觸的成人內容。

Layers of Fear

All stories must come to an end, even twisted and eerie ones. The canvas. The stage. The novel. This narrative-focused psychological horror experience is ready for its final brushstrokes, its curtain call, its final chapter. Are you ready to return and face your fears?
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The canvas awaits its final brushstrokes. The stage calls for its lead actor. The novel needs its final chapter. It’s time to face your fears. One. Last. Time.
The series that defined narrative-focused first-person psychological horror is back to tell its last spine-chilling story with Layers of Fear. The series’ crowning work is the definitive way to experience the critically acclaimed franchise as it features Layers of Fear and Layers of Fear 2, as well as all DLCs (including the new ‘The Final Note’ DLC that will give you a new perspective on the Layers of Fear storyline) and the never-before-told story of The Writer, which will tie everything together. Built on Unreal Engine 5, Layers of Fear supports Ray Tracing, HDR and 4K resolution to make the stunning visuals, and your nightmarish experience, as immersive and realistic as possible.

Layers of Fear: Create Your Magnum Opus

“The one precious thing you ever truly desired… FINISH IT.”
Explore a Victorian mansion covered in artwork as The Painter, whose sanity crumbles and cracks just like old oil paint on canvas. Trawl through the ever-changing house to find the supplies needed for your greatest masterpiece, all while trying to outrun your past.
Inheritance DLC: Face Your Past
“I was once told insanity runs in my family… It’s time to make it stop.”
Told from the perspective of The Painter’s Daughter, you come seeking answers. What secrets does this homestead hold? Will you ever truly understand the madness that bestowed your father? Can you ever forgive him? The house may hold everything you need to know... if you can face reliving your past.

The Final Note DLC: Delve Even Deeper

A brand new DLC which aims to shed more light on The Painter, his muse and the family’s backstory, The Final Note is told from the perspective of The Painter’s Wife. This additional narrative may change how you see the characters of the first game, as well as their actions.

Layers of Fear 2: Hit Your Marks

“Time waits for no one, actor. Do not waste ours.”
You are the lead actor in a production being filmed aboard an ocean liner, but all is not what it seems. Explore the ship and discover why you were perfect for The Director’s (voiced by Tony Todd) latest film. You awake and are told one simple command “Act.” But will you?

The Lighthouse Chapter: Link the Layers

Enter a lone and ghastly lighthouse as the newest protagonist, The Writer, and discover a never-before-told tale which will tie the entire series together. What awaits you there? You’ll just have to find out.

Game Features:

  • Explore unsettling environments and solve strange puzzles to unveil the narrative at the heart of this first-person psychological horror experience.
  • Three different stories of craft-obsessed protagonists (The Painter, The Actor and The Writer) which are interwoven to create a truly immersive experience and gripping storyline.
  • Everything in the Layers of Fear series, including all DLCs, so you can find the answers you want.
  • New brand-new core mechanics that will be introduced to Layers of Fear and its sequel, as well as additional features, so all the chapters and stories will blend seamlessly.
  • Rebuilt from the ground up in Unreal Engine 5, Layers of Fear supports Ray Tracing, HDR and 4K resolution to make the visuals as realistic as possible.
  • The new Lumen system offers the most immersive and visceral horror experience.
  • A hauntingly beautiful soundtrack by the highly acclaimed and award-winning composer, Arek Reikowski. He has composed a hypnotic score that adds an extra layer of tension to the game and will leave you on the edge of your seat.
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A new way
25 點經驗值
Another perspective
25 點經驗值
The Big Picture
25 點經驗值
Breaking free
5 點經驗值
Casting Finished
50 點經驗值

Layers of Fear 版本(2)

Layers of Fear
Art of Layers of Fear
Layers of Fear Soundtrack
Layers of Fear
Art of Layers of Fear
Layers of Fear Soundtrack

Layers of Fear DLC 與附加內容

Layers of Fear 系統需求



OS 版本Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system. Windows 10
OS 版本Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system. Windows 10
處理器Intel Core i5 4690/ AMD Ryzen 3 1200
處理器Intel Core i7 8700K/ AMD Ryzen 5 3600
記憶體8 GB RAM
記憶體12 GB RAM
GPUNvidia GTX 1060 3GB/ AMD RX 570 4GB
GPUNvidia GTX 1070 8GB
DirectXDirectX 12
DirectXDirectX 12
儲存空間20 GB available space
儲存空間20 GB available space
其他注意事項*Windows 10 with support for DirectX 12 Agility SDK: Version 21H1 and above Version 20H2, build 19042.789 Version 2004, build 19041.789 Version 1909, build 18363.1350
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  • 文字: 英語, 法語, 義大利語, 德語, 西班牙語(西班牙), 簡體中文, 日語, 韓語, 波蘭語, 葡萄牙語, 俄語, 土耳其語
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