Love n Life: Lucky Teacher

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After the pandemic Covitch69, the world is facing economic crises. As a result, you, unfortunately, lost your job as a space aviation expert at Nasu. Destiny takes an unexpected turn, leading you from a rich city life to become a teacher in a small town. Luckily, every cloud has a silver lining. Explore a world where love blooms unexpectedly, fulfilling your profession and encountering intriguing ladies with unique backgrounds and personalities. Get ready for an unforgettable visual novel experience.

Main Features

  • Beautiful girls in Live2d animations.
  • Fun chibi characters, environments, and a beautiful city.
  • Gifts for room decorations and alluring outfits. Fun minigame.
  • Conversational options that affect affection. Over 20,000 story texts.
  • Realistic texting simulation with awesome effects.

Sato Yuriko 💕 A Spirited Adventure

A student with a lavish background is a gaming addict with an insatiable passion for trends and idol culture. Her vivacious personality and overflowing confidence might make you overwhelmed. She usually puts you in tricky situations, but for someone as seasoned as you, these can become your golden opportunity.
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Sato Himari 💕 A Serendipitous Connection

She unexpectedly crosses paths with you while tutoring her younger sibling at their home. Her graceful aura, gorgeous blue eyes, and sunlit smile instantly stir your heart. As unexpected events unfold during these tutoring sessions, a profound connection blossoms between you and the beautiful lady.
Love n Life: Lucky Teacher-1c87l

Masumi Ishida 💕 Embracing New Beginnings

The director of the educational center where you apply as a teacher is yearning for genuine love due to past heartaches. Upon your arrival, she sees a true hero who has the potential to mend her heart. The tales of her experiences will enrapture you, weaving you into a web of affection.
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Liu Xinyi 💕 A Heartwarming Connection

A gentle and diligent overseas student hailing from China. Her quiet demeanor may pose a challenge to forge a close bond, but as you penetrate her shell, you’ll discover a wonderful personality. Your ideal date spot is a cozy cat café, where you both can share heartwarming moments.
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Rookie Educator
50 點經驗值
Vice Head Virtuoso
50 點經驗值
Department Dynamo
50 點經驗值
Workout Maximus
50 點經驗值
Heartstring Connection
50 點經驗值

Love n Life: Lucky Teacher 系統需求



OS 版本windows 7
OS 版本windows 10
處理器Intel Core 2 Dual or AMD Equivalent
處理器Intel Core i5 or AMD Equivalent
記憶體4 MB RAM
記憶體8 MB RAM
GPUHD Intel Graphics
GPUNVDIA 1050ti or AMD Equivalent
DirectXDirectX 9
DirectXDirectX 11
儲存空間2 GB available space
儲存空間3 GB available space
Epic ID
  • 語音: 日語
  • 文字: 繁體中文, 英語, 簡體中文
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