《Martha Is Dead》官方原聲帶

沉浸在《Martha Is Dead》原聲帶近 2 個小時深具氛圍感的配樂中,緊扣人心的多風格音樂,捕捉了該歷史時期的聲音特色,並加強了遊戲的詭秘氣氛。

《Martha Is Dead》官方原聲帶

曲目列表 01

1 Femina Ridens -〈O, Bella Ciao!〉
2 Femina Ridens -〈Non Posso Far Bucato Che Non Piova〉
3 Femina Ridens -〈Don't Forget My Name〉
4 Femina Ridens -〈Ninna Nanna Sette e Venti〉
5 Femina Ridens -〈Ave Maria〉
6 Femina Ridens -〈O, Bella Ciao(慢版)〉
7 Femina Ridens -〈Confusa〉
8 Femina Ridens -〈Bianco〉
9 Femina Ridens -〈Luce〉
10 Femina Ridens -〈Notte〉

曲目列表 02

11 Between Us -〈Concurrently〉
12 Between Us -〈Breaking The Surface〉
13 Femina Ridens -〈Il Lago〉
14 Aseptic Void -〈Anguish〉
15 Aseptic Void -〈Faces〉
16 Aseptic Void -〈Ghost Room〉
17 Aseptic Void -〈Immersion〉
18 Aseptic Void -〈Night Walk - Restlessness〉
19 Aseptic Void -〈Sad Melody〉
20 Femina Ridens -〈M'ama o non M'ama〉
21 Femina Ridens -〈Tango Matto〉
22 Femina Ridens -〈Senza Rancore〉

曲目列表 03

23 Femina Ridens -〈Pensami Amor Mio〉
24 Femina Ridens -〈Notte Stellata〉
25 Femina Ridens -〈Non Ricordo Piu〉
26 Femina Ridens -〈L'Aviatore〉
27 Femina Ridens -〈Che Tipo Tuo Cugino〉
28 Hans Brückner -〈Hörst Du die Mandolinen klingen〉
29 Wolfgang Kummer -〈Am Wald in der Schenke zum Kürassier〉
30 Salvatore Marchesi -〈La Folletta〉
31 Franz Lehár -〈Dein ist mein ganzes Herz〉
32 Georg Fürst -〈Badenweiler Marsch(樂器演奏)〉
33 Alessio Olivieri -〈Garibaldi-Hymne(樂器演奏)〉
34 Femina Ridens -〈O, Bella Ciao!〉(快版)

Martha Is Dead 評價與評論

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張貼者:Tristan Ogilvie
7 / 10
Martha is Dead is an unflinching and utterly absorbing ordeal to be endured rather than enjoyed.
張貼者:Rachel Weber
Martha is Dead will leave you psychologically scarred. Whether you enjoy the process depends on your constitution and hatred of bicycles.
Game Informer
張貼者:Wesley LeBlanc
6 / 10
LKA made the best recreation of an Italian setting I’ve ever seen in a game and I wanted nothing more than to enjoy it. However, LKA’s love of Italy is the only warmth I felt in Martha is Dead. The rest left me feeling as cold as Giulia’s dead sister.
評論由 OpenCritic 所提供

《Martha Is Dead》官方原聲帶 系統需求



作業系統Windows 10(64 位元)
作業系統Windows 10(64 位元)
處理器Intel Core i5 或同等級 AMD 配備
處理器Intel Core i7 或同等級 AMD 配備
記憶體8 GB
記憶體16 GB
儲存空間30 GB
儲存空間30 GB
顯示卡NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560、AMD Radeon HD 7790
顯示卡NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060、AMD RX 580
  • AUDIO: English, German, Italian
  • TEXT: English, Chinese - Simplified, Chinese - Traditional, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese - Brazil, Russian, Spanish - Spain, Turkish
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