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A unique, third- and first-person action role-playing game; a deep, cinematic detective thriller that takes place in a dark future vision of Berlin. Solve a far-reaching conspiracy on an emotional cyberpunk journey about justice, friendship, love, guilt, sacrifice and betrayal.



The story begins on a dark and ominous night, with the Neo Berlin plunged into chaos following the savage murder of the head of the police department. The enigmatic Nolan, a brilliant detective with a troubled past, is tasked with the daunting mission of finding and safeguarding the police chief's daughter, a potential key to unlocking the mystery behind her father's death. With his state-of-the-art technology, weapons, and unique abilities, Nolan embarks on a perilous journey to locate Natalie as quickly as possible. But each step he takes brings him closer to a sinister conspiracy that threatens to consume him and the entire city. As Nolan finally comes face to face with the fiercely independent and resourceful Natalie, he realizes that their fates are intertwined in ways he could never have imagined. Their connection is born out of a volatile mix of love, fear, and uncertainty, and as they navigate the treacherous path ahead, they will be forced to confront their deepest fears and confront the shadowy forces that threaten to tear them apart. In a gripping and emotionally charged tale of intrigue and betrayal, storytelling style will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end.


The city looms in the distance, towering over the wasteland like a gleaming, impenetrable fortress. Its walls rise high, cutting off the rest of the world from those inside. The streets below are filled with the noise and bustle of a society divided.
Neo Berlin 2087: Technological advancements and cyberization, the rich rule over the city, their power absolute and unchallenged. They live in luxury, surrounded by the latest advancements and the most cutting-edge technology, while the poor scrape by in the slums, fighting for every scrap of food and every ounce of hope.
It is a world of contrasts, of light and dark, of hope and despair. And yet, amidst the chaos and the violence, there are those who refuse to give up, who stand up against the oppressors, who fight for what they believe in.
It is a journey of justice, friendship, love, guilt, sacrifice and betrayal. And through it all, they will be tested, their resolve pushed to its limits, as they face down those who would see them destroyed.
As a detective, you can uncover the truth in ways others cannot. You have a unique ability to understand human behavior and find clues to solve cases. You can extract valuable information by hacking into the minds of suspects. Every emotion, thought, and memory provides a piece of the puzzle to bring justice and expose hidden secrets. Despite the challenges of navigating complex social and political landscapes, your commitment to justice never wavers. Are you ready to take on the challenge of being an investigator and bring justice to those who need it most in the city?


Your mission will also lead you through the wasteland – home not just to the outcasts, but also to uncontrollable machines that have developed a life of their own due to malfunctions in their programming and erratically roam the land.There is hardly any life left there, aside from a small ecosystem and sparse amounts of drinkable water.
The outcasts live in smaller settlements or caves that they have built themselves and have split into different factions, such as the Underground.
Abandoned settlements might still be decent sources for food, while ammo and cyber parts can be found anywhere in the wasteland and used for upgrades. Machine enemies have better chances of dropping cyber parts, but are also harder to defeat - especially since they are more numerous at nighttime, while human enemies are more common during daytime.

Key Features

  • An emotional main story and hours of extra content consisting of heart-wrenching moral dilemmas and immersive gameplay investigations.
  • Unique gameplay built on a blend of 1st and 3rd Person, customize your character’s abilities and weapons for whatever playstyle you prefer, choose from a vast array of shooter, stealth and role-playing game mechanics.
  • Inspired by classic cyberpunk movies and themes
  • Explore a setting that you’ve never seen before: Berlin in the year 2087, a cyberpunk metropolis shielded by massive walls from its devastated surroundings, where outcasts gather and malfunctioning machines roam the land.
  • Explore the wasteland full of dangerous enemies, realized with unparalleled realism and immersion.
  • Test your reflexes in exciting combat sequences, or avoid confrontation with a more stealthy approach.

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OS versionTBD
  • 語音: English
  • 文字: English, German
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