《Pinball FX》Godzilla vs. Kong Pinball Pack

Godzilla 及 Kong 將在這款史詩彈珠禮包中釋放自己的力量。遊玩三款怪物彈珠檯,並成為榮耀榜之王。

《Pinball FX》Godzilla vs. Kong Pinball Pack

Godzilla Pinball

運用自己的彈珠技巧,來證明 Godzilla 為怪物之王!與對手泰坦戰鬥、阻撓 APEX 的詭計、釋放你的熱能射線,並在終極對決中與 Mechagodzilla 一較高下。

Kong Pinball

踏上前往泰坦家園的旅程,以拯救全人類!與 Warbat 戰鬥、勇闖重力風暴、帶領 Kong 重回自己的王座,並在這片美麗卻致命的大地上生存下來。

Godzilla vs Kong Pinball

終有一方會倒下。Godzilla 及 Kong 會在這款史詩彈珠檯中釋放自己的力量!在 APEX Cybernetics 展開戰鬥,最終協助泰坦集結兵力,以對抗 Mechagodzilla。

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張貼者:Eric Hauter
8 / 10
There is no getting around the fact that Zen is the best in the business when it comes to creating (and recreating) pinball tables in the digital space. The new Pinball FX is a solid package with several new ways to play your tables. That said, this is a platform, not a game, and your experience will vary depending on your level of investment in tables. New modes and interfaces are nice, but the game still aches a bit from what could have been.
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《Pinball FX》Godzilla vs. Kong Pinball Pack 系統需求



作業系統Windows 10 64 位
作業系統Windows 10(64 位元)
處理器Intel Core [email protected] GHz 或 AMD FX [email protected] GHz / Intel Core [email protected] GHz 或 Ryzen 5 [email protected] GHz
處理器Intel Core i7-7700K 或 Ryzen 5 1600
記憶體16 GB
記憶體16 GB
顯示卡NVIDIA GTX 960 或 AMD R9 380
顯示卡NVIDIA 2060 RTX 或 AMD RX 5600 XT
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