Why Early Access?

We're committed to making Project Apidom a great game, and we believe direct collaboration with our community is key to achieving that. Early Access helps us gather feedback for quality assurance and collaborate with players on desired game features.

How long will the game be in Early Access?

We don't exactly know. The progression system, which is important for the game, is still in the works and gameplay needs more polishing. Tt's safe to say that game isn't going to version 1.0 until 2024 Q1.

How often will you be updating the game?

From our previous experiences, we are able to release an update every one-two weeks. While we could make updates more frequent, they would become very substantial and, at least for now, that's not our priority.

Will my progress be saved during updates?

As of time of writing (December 2023), there is no progression system in the game, so you won't lose your progress. In the future, updates shouldn't impact your progress and it will be saved during updates.

Will the price change when the game leaves Early Access?

No, Project Apidom is planned as free-to-play game and we're not planning to change that.

Can I provide feedback and bug reports?

Certainly! You can provide feedback, bugs, ideas for improvements, etc. on our Discord server or via email [email protected]. You can join our Discord community by pressing the link in Socials section or in Project Apidom's main menu screen.

What is the current state of the game?

Currently, game has fully-functioning matches, inventory, items, skill points and character attributes. In other words, basic functionality and gameplay loop are completed.

Do I need a 3rd party account to play Project Apidom?

No, Project Apidom is fully playable using your Epic Games account without the need to register on 3rd party platforms.

What in-game purchases are offered in Project Apidom?

Currently, Project Apidom offers no in-app purchases or purchaseable additional content, remaining completely free-to-play.