Quest Hunter: Strangewood

Strangewood 是 Quest Hunter 的補充劇情包。探索新的地點,對戰新的敵人,用新的技巧解決新的謎題。升級新的技能,裝配新的武器裝備。單獨遊玩或者跟新老朋友一起聯機!

Quest Hunter: Strangewood

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About This Content

Strangewood is a story addition to Quest Hunter. Explore new locations, fight with new enemies, solve puzzles with new mechanics. Level up new skills and get new weapons and equipment. Play alone or together with your old and new friends!
There's something strange going on in the western woods. An enormous cloud of blue mist sucks up everything around. What used to be a wonderful forest is drastically changing. Even bandits tend to avoid these places.
It's high time for the Hero to visit these lands and put things right!

Basic Features

Quest Hunter 系統需求



OS 版本Microsoft Windows 8 or higher
OS 版本Microsoft Windows 10 or higher
處理器1.4GHz or faster, SSE2 instruction set support
處理器2.0GHz or faster, SSE2 instruction set support
GPUGeForce 8800GT
GPUGeForce GTX 675
DirectXDirectX 26
DirectXDirectX 26
儲存空間18 GB
儲存空間19 GB
  • 語音: 無
  • 文字: 葡萄牙語(巴西), 西班牙語(拉丁美洲), 法語, 西班牙語(西班牙), 日語, 簡體中文, 俄語, 英語, 葡萄牙語, 德語, 繁體中文
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