《Read Only Memories:NEURODIVER》

扮演超能力探員 ES88,找到潛藏在人們記憶中的法外之徒。除了你的超能力能帶來幫助,「NEURODIVER」也將成為你的利器。你可以任意決定如何運用這些資源,但記得加快腳步,因為人們的記憶衰退得很快!

《Read Only Memories:NEURODIVER》

你將扮演 ES88,一位能潛入他人的記憶的讀心術能力者。受雇於專精神經科技及超感官知覺投射現象的強大組織「MINERVA」。你所肩負的任務是追蹤天生具有超自然感應能力的「Golden Butterfly」。流亡在外的他為新舊金山 (Neo-San Francisco) 眾多居民的潛意識帶來威脅,而你則必須靠著 Neurodiver 潛入眾人的記憶,找出躲藏在記憶中的他。《Read Only Memories: NEURODIVER》的 Deep Dive 機制使 ES88 能辨識、操弄,並解鎖資訊,但使用過度的話可能會對目標的記憶造成無法挽回的損害。

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God is a Geek
張貼者:Lyle Carr
9.5 / 10
Read Only Memories: NEURODIVER is a wonderful sci-fi romp with a story that has to be experienced to be believed.
張貼者:Neal Chandran
78 / 100
A decent game that ends before it begins.
張貼者:Lucas White
9 / 10
Despite the snags I’ve mentioned, I’m still thinking about Read Only Memories: Neurodiver well after I finished the story. It’s such a pitch-perfect execution on its premise, mixing the worlds of modern cyberpunk with ancient PC technology and western anime fandom. I had a blast spending several hours with these characters and the world they inhabit, and would gladly have spent several hours more. A little more narrative depth and some puzzle guardrails and we’d have a true all-timer on our hands. But as it is, Neurodiver still stands out as a dope slice of niche gaming in a month stupidly crowded with that kind of thing.
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《Read Only Memories:NEURODIVER》 系統需求



作業系統Windows 7 SP1+
作業系統Windows 10
處理器1.1+ GHz 處理器
處理器1.1+ GHz 處理器
記憶體2 GB
記憶體2 GB
儲存空間200 MB
儲存空間200 MB
顯示卡支援 DX10 與 Shader Model 4.0 的顯示卡
顯示卡支援 DX10 與 Shader Model 4.0 的顯示卡
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