《Session: Skate Sim》Waterpark & Chris Cole 包含未經分級的內容,可能不適合某些年齡層。

《Session: Skate Sim》Waterpark & Chris Cole


《Session: Skate Sim》Waterpark & Chris Cole

以全新任務探索嶄新地圖中的各個新地點。這座老舊的廢棄水上樂園就是你的遊樂場。此 DLC 包括:
  • Waterpark 地圖
  • 專業滑板手 Chris Cole
  • 7 個全新任務
  • 5 個有全新設計的滑板
  • 6 個滑坡物品(object dropper)


Session: Skate Sim 評價與評論

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張貼者:Luke Reilly
6 / 10
An unapologetically tricky ode to street skating, Session is packed with a palpable love for the sport, but bugs and unsympathetic tutorial and mission design decisions undermine its approachability.
God is a Geek
張貼者:Chris White
7.5 / 10
Although Session: Skate Sim is a difficult game to get used to, the joy of pulling off tricks far outweighs the frustration. It faithfully recreates skateboarding culture of the 90s, and offers tons of freedom to play however you want.
張貼者:Nicholas Aguilera
70 / 100
Session: Skate Sim is the most authentic skateboarding experience you can get from a video game. Though you will fall down (a lot) and may get frustrated, you will undoubtedly leave this experience with a greater appreciation for skating and the culture that surrounds it.
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《Session: Skate Sim》Waterpark & Chris Cole 系統需求



Windows 作業系統Windows 7
Windows 作業系統Windows 10
Windows 處理器Intel Core i7-2700K 或 AMD FX-8370
Windows 處理器Intel Core i7-4790 或 AMD Ryzen 5 2600
Windows 記憶體8 GB
Windows 記憶體8 GB
Windows 儲存空間11 GB
Windows 儲存空間11 GB
Windows DirectX9
Windows DirectX11
Windows 顯示卡NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti 或 AMD Radeon R7 360
Windows 顯示卡NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 或 AMD Radeon RX 480
其他《Session: Skate Sim》需要控制器方能遊玩。不支援鍵盤與滑鼠。
其他《Session: Skate Sim》需要控制器方能遊玩。不支援鍵盤與滑鼠。
  • 遊戲語音:英語 | 遊戲文字:英文、義大利文、西班牙文(西班牙)、法文、德文、日文、繁體中文、簡體中文、韓文、波蘭文、葡萄牙文(巴西)、俄文
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