Shadow Complex

Shadow Complex 回歸了…更勝以往!

在 Unreal Engine 3 以及榮獲 50 多項年度遊戲與編輯首選獎的加持之下,《Shadow Complex》強勢回歸!
《Shadow Complex》重製版主打的是屢獲殊榮經典遊戲的精采遊戲體驗,新增了全新魅力完整新功能,以使它在 PC、PlayStation 4 和 Xbox One 上的首次亮相更加亮眼。
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Shadow Complex 評價與評論

  • 59%
  • 76
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張貼者:Isaac Rouse
Epic Games' cult classic comes to PC in this thrilling remaster. A fresh take on the Metroidvania genre, Shadow Complex combines shoot-'em-up elements and brisk melee action to deliver an enjoyable platform-adventure title.
張貼者:Jordan Devore
8 / 10
Shadow Complex was great in 2009, and for the most part, it still is to this day. You won't find many new elements in this remaster apart from standard graphical upgrades, but if it has been a few years since you've played the original version, it's worth going through the journey again.
張貼者:Steve Watts
7 / 10
Shadow Complex is a game that demands experiencing at least once. While those who played through multiple times and unlocked every secret the first go-round might not be especially compelled to do it again with such bare-bones revisions, it's a perfect vehicle for first-timers. If you haven't played Shadow Complex before, it's absolutely worth armoring up now.
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Shadow Complex 系統需求



作業系統Windows 7 及以上
作業系統Windows 7 及以上
處理器Intel Core 2 Duo / AMD Athlon 2x2
處理器Intel i5 / AMD A4
顯示卡NVIDIA Geforce 7800 (512mb)/AMD Radeon HD 4600 (512MB)/Intel HD 4000
顯示卡NVIDIA GT 540 1GB / AMD 5550 1GB
硬碟空間1.5GB 硬碟空間
硬碟空間1.5GB 硬碟空間
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