Tenebris Pictura

Exploration, ghost hunting and puzzles in the Victorian era.

Exploration, ghost hunting and puzzles in the Victorian era.

Presenting Tenebris Pictura, an ultra-corporeal action adventure brought to you by the creators of Megaton Rainfall.
You'll be plunged back to the Victorian era, playing the role of a paranormal investigator with psychic abilities who has landed in a misty, convoluted island, brimming with mystery. You were invited there by an old friend, to investigate his daughter's disappearance. Before long, you're embroiled in a supernatural mystery linked with a shady sect, and sightings of extra-terrestrial beings that appear to have escaped from a strange collection of paintings with dubious origins.
Conceal your body from danger and separate your soul to face the demon hordes. Dodge their barrages of ectoplasm and counter-attack with your psychic energy blasts...
But that won't be enough! You need to move the objects around and get your surroundings strategically prepared. You'll discover and learn how to use your strange skills and tricks to divide and conquer, stopping your enemies' progress in spite of being massively outnumbered.
On this island, the laws of nature seem to be crumbling: disappearing floors transport you to far-away galaxies, moving walls, illusions and lights that create the environment in their wake, transportable worlds found inside paintings...
A huge variety of puzzles to scramble your mind presented in a non-linear order, designed to accept multiple creative solutions.
Use the Aeter Pendulum to find murky presences in areas scattered across the island: misty forests, infested buildings and mansions with spooky basements that appear to have been used as laboratories for the paranormal.
Use your psychic abilities to find clues revealing what is about to happen on the island...
Are you ready to lose yourself in a Victorian fantasy loaded with secrets and worlds within worlds?

Tenebris Pictura 系統需求



OS 版本Windows 7 SP1
OS 版本Windows 10
處理器Intel i5-4590 / AMD FX 8350
處理器Intel i5-4590 / AMD FX 8350
記憶體4 GB
記憶體4 GB
GPUNvidia GTX 750 2GB / Radeon HD 7770 2GB / Intel HD 630
GPUNvidia GTX 750 2GB / Radeon HD 7770 2GB / Intel HD 630
DirectXDirectX 11
儲存空間3 GB
其他注意事項Gamepad REQUIRED
  • 語音: 無
  • 文字: 義大利語, 德語, 法語, 英語, 繁體中文, 簡體中文, 俄語, 葡萄牙語, 韓語, 日語, 西班牙語(西班牙)
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