《The Falconeer》官方原聲帶
《The Falconeer》官方原聲帶

獲獎肯定的作曲家 Benedict Nichols 製作了博採眾長的原聲帶,展現《The Falconeer》的雙重本質:玄妙的水域世界,以及空戰的狂熱生氣。

《The Falconeer》官方原聲帶


1)〈The Ursee (Part 1)〉(feat. Tegen Hitchens)
2)〈Screams of Battle〉
3)〈This Cold Unending Blighted Landscape〉
4)〈Minor Skirmish〉
5)〈Monks and Miners〉
6)〈Pesky Marauders〉
7)〈Port Remit〉
8)〈Sacred Steps〉
9)〈Pirate Hordes〉
10)〈The Freebooters Lament〉
11)〈Spymaster's March〉(feat. Mikee Goodman)
12)〈Filthy Wretched Freebooters〉
13)〈Welcome to Westgate〉(feat. Tegen Hitchens)
14)〈Enter the Fray〉
15)〈Northern Whalers〉(feat. Tegen Hitchens)〉
17)〈Battle Fleets Grow〉(feat. Tegen Hitchens)
18)〈Calls Across the Maw〉
19)〈Finest Steel〉
20)〈The Ursee (Part 2)〉(feat. Tegen Hitchens)
21)〈The Reach Awakes〉(feat. Mikee Goodman)
22)〈Basilicus Exitium〉
23)〈Abandoned Observatories〉(feat. Tegen Hitchens)
24)〈We Ride the Ancient Weaver〉
25)〈The Great Vaults〉
26)〈What is That〉
27)〈Deep Underground〉
28)〈The Path〉(feat. Mikee Goodman & Carolina Stiles)(額外曲目)
29)〈The Free and the Fallen〉(feat. Tegen Hitchens)(額外曲目)


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PC Gamer
張貼者:Luke Kemp
78 / 100
“Despite a little turbulence, The Falconeer takes you on a memorable ride.”
張貼者:Andrew King
“The Falconeer boasts an intriguing story and a hauntingly beautiful setting, but is hampered by repetitive missions in an empty open world.”
張貼者:Robert Purchese
“In a world of compromised visions, The Falconeer is dazzlingly original. An aerial combat game unlike any other.”
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OSWindows 10 32bit
OSWindows 10 64bit
CPUIntel Core i3 or equivalent AMD
CPUIntel Core i5 or equivalent AMD
GPUNVIDIA GeForce GTX 660, AMD Radeon HD 6770
GPUNVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060, AMD Radeon RX 580
Memory2 GB
Memory4 GB
Storage3 GB
Storage3 GB
Direct X11
Direct X11
OtherMicrosoft Xbox Controller for Windows® (or equivalent) is recommended.
  • Audio: English, French, German
  • Text: English, Chinese - Simplified, Chinese - Traditional, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese - Brazil, Russian, Spanish - Spain
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