The Glitch Fairy

The Glitch Fairy is a fast action platformer starring Monie, a spunky fairy with the unusual power to ''glitch'' her enemies.

The Glitch Fairy is a fast action platformer starring Monie, a spunky fairy with the unusual power to ''glitch'' her enemies.

Our story begins when Monie gets her flying ability stolen by her arch nemesis, the minigun-wielding Princess ''Badassia'' Spalanie.
Fortunately for our little fairy, she discovers a shrine that grants her a new magical power; The Glitch Beam, a powerful reality-bending tool that turns her enemies into all sorts of fun and useful things.
Now flightless, but stronger than ever, Monie embarks on a quest to confront her old rival and get her flying ability back!
The core gameplay of The Glitch Fairy focuses on jumping, shooting, dashing, and glitching. The Glitch Beam can be used as a speedrunning tool, or as a way to explore every nook and cranny each level has to offer.
Glitching different enemies will lead to different results! Spawning black holes, turning your magic blasts into flying swords, making you run like a 50s cartoon, creating a ghost platform, spawning healing items, giving you a harpoon gun, you name it!
-Glitch your way through 15 varied levels and over 12 secret bonus levels, including a magical forest, a busy tavern, a mesmerizing crystal cavern, a medieval battlefield, a haunted temple, deep space, and even a giant beehive!
-Over 30 different glitches to experiment with.
-Face off against 18 bosses, including a 7-foot princess wielding a minigun!
-A killer soundtrack meticulously composed to fit the varied tones and locations of The Glitch Fairy’s story and scenery.
-Hand-drawn cutscenes between every level!
-Fast, speedrun-friendly gameplay! The Glitch Beam is the perfect accessory if you want to breeze through a level multiple times to get that Best Time.
-A compendium to fill with over 100 entries, each with its own illustration and lore!
-Collectables galore! Mysterious amethysts, Power Ups, rare currency, equippable artifacts, and, most importantly, dolls who can follow you on your quest!
-Charming characters and a rich lore. If you dig deep enough, you might find something unexpected.

The Glitch Fairy 系統需求



OS versionWin 7
OS versionWin 10
CPUIntel Core i3 or AMD FX
CPUModern stuff
Memory1 GB RAM
Memory2 GB RAM
GPUAMD HD 5750 or Nvidia Geforce GT 740
GPUModern stuff
  • 語音: 無
  • 文字: English
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