What in-app purchases are offered in TWD: NML?

We offer various kinds of in-app purchases ("Bundles"), including but not limited to the following:
  • Resources bundle: Receive Gold, Gas, Radio Calls, and Exp directly!
  • Weapon bundle: Get powerful Weapons!
  • Equipment bundle: Get powerful Equipment!
  • Tokens, Tools & other Items: Providing buffs to your battles.

Can TWD: NML be used without making any in-app purchases?

Yes. We have lots of free giveaways in the game, so it's totally fine to explore the world of NML without making any in-app purchase!

Are in-app purchases refundable?

Yes. The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land always requires you to confirm a purchase. All purchases that have been processed and have their items delivered to your game are final.
For more details, please refer to our Refund Policy

What payment platform is used to facilitate these purchases? Do you use Epic Games’ platform or a 3rd-party (including your own) payment system?

We use Epic Games’ platform.