Why Early Access?

Witchfire is a shooter and a unique blend of genres -- soulslike, extraction, roguelite and even light RPG -- with many new gameplay features. It is a perfect game to grow and balance with the community feedback.

How will you involve the community?

We will be monitoring your feedback everywhere, be it social media or gaming forums. And, most importantly, our custom Discord server, dedicated to the discussion between the players and the team. The link to the game's Discord will be always easy to find through our social media accounts.

How long will the game be in Early Access?

About 12-16 months. Anything shorter would make it almost impossible for your feedback to have a real impact on the game. Also, the quality of the audio-visuals we produce simply requires time.

What is the current state of the game?

We worked hard to make sure that the Early Access version of Witchfire offers enough content for the game to feel satisfying. The core gameplay loops are all there, as well as select tools of war like guns and spells. After the initial release, we will be producing updates that feature stuff like new weapons, new spells, new enemies -- and even new levels.

Will there be a road map?

Soon after the release, we will reveal the road map. Why not earlier? Because, again, Early Access only makes sense to us if we take the players' feedback into consideration. A week or so after the release we shall have a pretty good understanding of how to merge what we have originally planned with what the players tell us, and produce one cohesive road map.

Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access?

Our plan is to have one price during and after Early Access.

So many more questions...

We have a bigger, more detailed game FAQ on our website here. We answer questions about FoV sliders, lowered crosshairs, and RPG elements of the game. Feel free to ask us more, and we will happily expand the FAQ!