Zool Redimensioned
Zool Redimensioned

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N 次元的忍者回來了!探索充滿活力的復古場景,發現隱藏的秘密,並在重新想像的經典動作平台冒險遊戲《Zool》現代版中,擊敗來勢洶洶的魔王。

N 次元的忍者回來了!

原作由 Gremlin Graphics 於 1992 年在 Amiga 平台上發行。廣受歡迎、標誌性的遊戲吉祥物「Zool」即將於新作《Zool Redimensioned》中盛大回歸!
這款全新重新想像的經典動作平台冒險遊戲將為現代玩家進行徹頭徹尾的重新改造。幫助次元忍者 Zool 探索 8 個外星世界,在遊戲跳躍、旋轉、射擊以擊倒來勢洶洶的魔王,並從 Krool 邪惡的影響中拯救宇宙。
Zool 的老派平台動作將會給予大多數的硬派玩家許多挑戰,套用現代技術的功能強化將讓遊戲更符合 21 世紀的口味。


• 超過 28 個復古平台挑戰,皆經過強化以創造最棒的遊戲體驗
• 兩種主要遊戲模式可供選擇:「Redimensioned」可以享受更為現代的遊戲體驗,「Ultimate Ninja」則可以體驗真正高難度的挑戰
• 在 7 場完全重製的魔王戰中,對抗次元中最危險的生物
• 在冒險旅途中發掘新秘密、新挑戰和額外內容,可解鎖超過 25 項成就
• 經過強化的高品質選項,包含關卡選擇畫面、檢查點、輔助功能選項等
• 遊玩當年 Mega Drive 版模式,重新體驗真正的復古內容

Sumo Digital Academy

Sumo Digital Academy 將《Zool Redimensioned》徹頭徹尾地重新改造,這是一個專注於開闢進入遊戲產業新途徑的人才發展團隊。在 1992 年原版遊戲開發團隊 Gremlin Graphics 的指導之下,我們保留了讓《Zool》成為邪典經典的精神,同時引進了過去 29 年來,深受玩家所喜愛的平台遊戲機制。《Zool Redimensioned》於焉誕生,這是一款超越了時間與空間的遊戲,別錯過這場經典的復古冒險旅程!


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張貼者:Chris Hall
8 / 10
“Leaping onto PC is Zool Redimensioned, a re-imagining of the classic Amiga platformer of the early 90’s. Join Zool as he uses his ninja skills to hunt down the evil Krool across the title’s seven imaginative worlds. But is the game any good? Read the review to find out!”
張貼者:Zoey Handley
7 / 10
“The port is also quite nice, but it’s going to be an affront to purists. The modern upgrades change the feel of the game immensely, and while I’d argue it’s for the best, it’s also at the expense of the challenge. It’s a short, breezy experience. A comfortable slice of ‘90s platforming. It’s up to you if that’s what you need right now, but I certainly enjoyed it.”
Worth Playing
張貼者:Cody Medellin
7 / 10
“Nostalgia is going to play a heavy part in whether you'll like Zool Redimensioned. If you grew up with the Amiga as your main platform, you might be tickled to see Zool make a comeback even if the changes make it much easier than before. For those who didn't care too much about it back then, the improvements make it a better, shorter experience. For newcomers, the game is fun as a retro snack and worth checking out.”
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OS versionWindows 10
OS versionWindows 10
CPUi3-4th Generation
CPUi3-4th Generation
Memory8 GB RAM
Memory8 GB RAM
DirectXDirectX 26
Storage1 GB available space
Storage1 GB available space
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  • 文字: English
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