Art of Rally OST
Art of Rally OST

Included in the art of rally OST are 51 original tracks, taking players on a 4+ hour journey through classic 70’s, 80’s and 90’s homages to the Synthwave genre.

art of rally OST

The art of rally OST has been masterfully composed and produced by self-taught musician Tatreal (aka Slava Korystov), from his studio in Kryvyi Rih, Central Ukraine. The OST is comprised of a massive 51 original tracks, each one exploring Tatreal’s unique take on the much-loved Synthwave genre. Like a long Sunday drive through the alps, the soundtrack takes players on a 4+ hour journey — weaving its way through classic 70’s, 80’s and 90’s homages to acts such as Kraftwerk, Daft Punk, ELO and Cerrone.
Paying special attention to authenticity, Tatreal employs classic drum-machines such as the Roland TR 707 and Yamaha RY 30, as well as virtual instruments like the Jupiter 8 and Moog Modular. The result is a striking and catchy beatscape that perfectly meshes with the rich ambience players will find themselves speeding through in art of rally.


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Saving Content
by Scott Ellison II
“When you figure out what your style of play and preferred level of challenge is, art of rally is a beautiful marriage of sim and arcade. This is a game that continually showcases its name through its visuals and easy-to-grasp controls. It’s simple, yet elegant. It’s complex, but intuitive. It’s satisfying, and rewarding. art of rally is transcendent.”
God is a Geek
by Gary Bailey
9 / 10
“From its incredible soundtrack to its unbelievably fun gameplay and striking visuals, art of rally is a genuine contender for 2020's best racer.”
by Martin Robinson
“Like a playable poster for an iconic rally event, funselektor's top-down racer is a blast.”
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