What is Blade of God X?

BOGX emerges from the shadows as a captivating dark-themed Action RPG crafted by Void Labs, marking a thrilling continuation of the Blade of God saga.
Set against the rich tapestry of Norse mythology, players step into the boots of an "Inheritor," reborn across cycles, to journey from the fiery depths of Muspelheim.
They navigate the expansive realms cradled by the World Tree, venturing through the timelines of Voidom, Primglory, and Trurem. Here, the paths of "Sacrifice" and "Redemption" unfold, offering players the power to alter the world's fate with artifacts or the wisdom of deities like Odin the Allfather and Loki the Evil.
Inheritor, the gods lie vanquished in twilight—
You stand as the last sentinel.
From Game, Beyond Game.
We are here to reshape how humans interact with the digital realm and AI.

Why is this game in Early Access?

Blade of God X is currently in its development phase. Releasing early access versions to let our community actively participate in shaping the game. While this stage might come with bugs and the need for gameplay adjustments, it's a collaborative effort that allows us to refine the game's economy, events, and other features with real-time feedback during our early seasons. As we march towards the full release, players can expect exciting new features like a progression system, an in-game store, both PVE and PVP modes, enhanced quests, challenges, enhanced social interactions and so much more.

How is the latest web3 tech used in this product?

Players are not mandated to engage with the blockchain aspect, and the game doesn't directly incorporate any cryptocurrency.
No on-chain activities happen within the BOGX game.
Therefore, players can fully enjoy the ARPG game without any interaction with blockchain aspects.
BOGX utilizes blockchain in order to offer the best experience that latest technology can offer, while empowering players to trade, interact with, and forge their own in-game experiences.

Does this product require me to connect an external wallet? What wallets does this product support?

Users are not required to connect to an external wallet.
No on-chain activities happen within the BOGX game.
Users can connect via MetaMask, GameStop, Venly, Coinbase Wallet or create an email wallet with Magic Link or Immutable passport.

Can I use the product without interacting or engaging with web3 Tech?

Yes, the game play itself takes place without engaging Web3 tech.
Users can trade Heroes on web, but they are not required to interact with these features, unless they want to do so, the game does not force a path towards any of these aspects.
Web3 tech is a means of trading items with other players and having the freedom of where and how players want to trade them, all on a dedicated secure website, entirely separated from the in- economy.

What chain does this product use? Is the chain proof-of-work or proof-of-stake?

BOGX is compatible with Immutable X and EVM (Polygon) chains. Players have the flexibility to use the BOGX Portal to transfer heroes between these chains, with the in-game resource transfers.

What in-app or in-game purchases are offered in BOGX?

During the BOGX Open Beta, Resource packs and Season passes will be made available for purchase.
These cannot be resold or used in any way to further profit, ownership is account based.

Can I play online?

Yes, as you progress through the main storyline, you will gradually unlock multiplayer gameplay, such as Two Souls and Campaign of Old Ones.

How to add friends?

After clearing Voidom 2-3
, you can unlock the feature by following the mission guide.

How to change the position of Skill?

In the Skills > Skill Combo interface, long-press a specific skill, and then drag it up or down within the same weapon skill chain to the desired position. This allows you to rearrange the skills. Please note that Break skill and Dodge skill cannot be replaced.

What is Soul Core?

By integrating Soul Cores into the Skill Chain, you can enhance your Soul Power. Different Soul Cores have different attributes, and they can provide unique effects and skills.

How to unlock the Orisols Level?

After reaching level 60, continue progressing through the main storyline quests. Following the guidance, complete a Void Entropy stage to unlock Orisols Level (indicated in parentheses), for example, 60 (20).

How to delete my character/change a character to play?

Deleting the character is currently not supported. If you wish to play with a different character, you can select a different character at the login screen (such as choosing Chaos/Esther). If you want to play with the same character, you can create a new character in a different server, but please note that the data will not be shared between them.