Commandos: Origins

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ALARM! You have been selected for a mission which will shape the fate of the entire world. Witness the very beginning of the legendary elite WWII force in Commandos: Origins.
ALARM! You have been selected for a mission which will shape the fate of the entire world. Witness the very beginning of the legendary elite WWII force in Commandos: Origins. The long-awaited sequel to the Commandos series brings you right back to the foundation of the real-time tactics genre. And to the days where Jack O’Hara, the Green Beret, and his five companions met to form the infamous unit sent to complete missions which no others would dare to accept.
In the hushed shadows of history’s most pivotal moments, where heroes are born and legends are forged, a new chapter awaits. Whether it is a daring raid, a covert sabotage, or a courageous rescue mission – the Green Beret, the Sapper, the Sniper, the Driver, the Marine and the Spy will need to combine their skills to meet the most challenging tasks. Your mission can only be achieved through well-thought planning and the smart combination of stealth and destruction that come with the unique skillsets of this elite troop.
From the icy plains of the Arctic to the vast deserts of Africa, from the western coastlines of Europe to the Eastern front, it’s up to you to lead your commandos to success in high-risk missions. Guide them in their fight against the growing Nazi occupation which is menacing the free world.

Challenging Real Time Tactical Stealth Gameplay

Make the best use of your Commandos’ unique abilities, infiltrate enemy facilities and hit them where it hurts most before disappearing into the shadows.

An extraordinary team

Featuring 6 infamous characters, each with their own storied history, banding together to form an extraordinary fighting force – the Commandos: Take control over Jack O’Hara “the Green Beret”, Thomas “the Sapper” Hancock, Francis T. “the Sniper” Woolridge, Samuel “the Driver” Brooklyn, James “the Marine” Blackwood, and Rene “the Spy” Duchamp and lead them to success.

Many paths to victory

The detailed, varied and interactive environments offer multiple approaches to reach your goal. Sneak, climb, drive in various vehicles, or hide and creep your way to mission success!

On your mark

A modern user experience with precise and intuitive controls enables you to control the commandos with expert precision. Coordinate complex actions simultaneously to overcome heavily fortified targets.

Fight on all fronts

Play through more than 10 missions in historically authentic WWII environments, spanning from the barren Arctic to the African desert, with a range of core and voluntary objectives that will require your full tactical expertise.

There is no I in team

Take on missions with a friend in the 2-player cooperative multiplayer mode, either online or via local split-screen.

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  • Audio: English, German
  • Text: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish (Spain), Arabic, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Turkish
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