Is Gone Home a horror game?

It’s not a horror game in the sense that there are no monsters chasing you, you can’t die, it’s not focused on being scary-- but it does put you all alone on a dark and stormy night in a big empty mansion. So it can be spooky! But no, it’s not a horror game.

Are there jump scares, though?

There is exactly one (1) jump scare, less than halfway through the game, mostly as a joke. Sorry about that.

How long is Gone Home?

Gone Home should be considered a short game. But your playtime is really player-driven. A thorough first playthrough where you look for all the details you can find takes around 3 hours. If you rush through you can finish a first playthrough in as little as an hour. Gone Home is all about the player determining their own pace, deciding what to investigate further and when to move on.
There’s also Commentary Mode, which contains more than 90 minutes of audio commentary from the developers, musicians, and voice talent behind Gone Home. You can dig in to Commentary Mode from the Commentary & Modifiers menu when starting a new game.

What if I’m having a technical issue?

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