Lost Eidolons - Original Soundtrack
Lost Eidolons - Original Soundtrack

This is the original soundtrack for Lost Eidolons, composed by Clark Aboud. Immerse yourself in this 80-minute compilation of Lost Eidolons music, reliving poignant moments of Eden’s journey... or basking in the rush of adrenaline you had in the last battle.

Lost Eidolons - Original Soundtrack


Track List

01 - Broken Promises
02 - Just Beyond the Hayfields
03 - Clash on Cobbled Streets
04 - Rabble Rouser
05 - Smoke Above the Rooftops
06 - Cold Sunrise
07 - Quick and Clean
08 - When the Smoke Clears
09 - Eyes Peeled
10 - Into the Twilight
11 - Work the Problem
12 - Banners Ablaze
13 - Lonettan Lullaby
14 - Trouble on the Flank
15 - Ruin's Edge
16 - Shattered Front
17 - Power of the Lost
18 - Broken Promises (Instrumental)
19 - Power of the Lost (Instrumental)


Composed and Produced by Clark Aboud
"Power of the Lost" & "Broken Promises" - Written by Sophie Aboud & Clark Aboud || Performed by ABOUD || Mastered by Will Borza
Soundtrack performed by Sofia Session Orchestra || Conductor - Lyubomir Denev Jr. || Concertmaster - Irina Stoyanova || Session Producer - Georgi Elenkov PhD || Historical Bowed Strings - Niccolo Seligman || Woodwinds - Josh Plotner || Sound Engineers - Plamen Penchev, Angelia Vihrova, Vladislav Boyadjiev || Contracting Services - Boris Radilov, Delyan Kolev (FourForMusic Ltd.) || Session Librarian - Velislava Georgieva


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PC Invasion
by Joshua Chu
8 / 10
“It's hard not to respect and get swept up in the ambition of Lost Eidolons, where even the flaws and mediocre presentation is made worthwhile with some competent, classic SRPG gameplay.”
RPG Site
by Scott White
7 / 10
“Lost Eidolons offers a great strategic experience with thorough gameplay systems and mechanics, though its presentation and narrative fall just a bit flat.”
by Jake Su
4 / 5
“Take away all of that, and herein lies a more than competent turn-based tactical RPG that weaves a grand tale full of drama, stakes, and plenty of bloodshed. Lost Eidolons’ combat system is familiar yet different, offering strategic flexibility with the use of terrain and elements, and giving players the tools to succeed or fail on their own merits. Add to that the depth of its character development and worldbuilding, and it is likely anyone looking to invest considerable time into the game will enjoy themselves immensely. To say Lost Eidolons is an indie title with AAA aspirations is not a knock against it, but a true reflection of its quality and the potential it has if its edges were more refined.”
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OSWindows 10 x64
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Direct X11
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OtherDirectX compatible sound card
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