Oddsparks: An Automation Adventure

Design automated workshops for your odd and adorable Sparks to carry and craft everything, including more of themselves! Lead your squad of Sparks into combat. Explore a strange fantasy world, in single player or online co-op. Unearth the ancient mystery of the Sparks!

This is an Early Access Game

Early Access games are still under development and may change significantly over time. As a result, you may experience unforeseen issues or completely new gameplay elements while playing this game.

You can play now to experience the game while it's being built or wait until it offers a more complete experience.

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Explore a strange fantasy world, uncover the mysteries of the past, automate your workshops, and go on adventures with your odd & adorable Sparks!
Oddsparks: An Automation Adventure is a blend of Automation and Real Time Strategy for singleplayer and online co-op. We made it for both fans of the Automation genre and the Automation-curious!


If you love to build and untangle little messes, we have something for you that we think you'll find satisfying. The joy of making your own little machine and seeing it work! In Oddsparks, you'll design automated workshops and put your Sparks to work in carrying and crafting everything you could need. Including more Sparks!
We've made this to be a great entry point into automation games, but with a fresh spin for those who've already played thousands of hours in the genre. Without conveyor belts, you’ll have to manage the Spark traffic to optimise your designs. We’ve filled your toolbox with options so you can solve the logistics puzzles you’ll face as you tackle both distance and elevation.


Take your Sparks for an adventure into procedurally generated worlds! Face unusual enemies like Spunnies and Beelephants as you explore diverse and distinct biomes. Find mundane and magical resources amidst forgotten ruins. Clear up the way to build and connect your workshops. Will you unearth the traces of the ancient past and find out who originally created the Sparks?
Bring your newfound knowledge and all the stuff you’ve made back home to your village. Help your village grow, share with and learn from the folks that you’ve grown up with. With this new technology and the secrets of the past, what changes will you spark in the world around you?


You can play the game in single player or online co-op. We officially support up to 4 players, although this is not a hard limit, and you can easily jump in and out of any friend’s save at any time.
Narrative and gameplay progression is kept in the save file and is shared for everyone playing. You can play together and separately in the same save; explore the wide world, experience the rich narrative, and untangle your wild creations with no worries for any cutscene interruptions.


  • Play in single player or online co-op (Up to 4 players officially supported, uncapped) with a simple host & join system to jump in and out of any friend’s game.
  • Designed for both gamepad and mouse & keyboard play.
  • Designed with an accessible core that’s further backed up by accessibility features, such as the ability to rebind both mouse & keyboard and gamepad controls.
  • Customise your character’s look to show off not just your fashion style but your play style as you unlock new customisation options via achievements and play.
  • Build an expansive automation & logistics network that deals with both distance and elevation. Use powerful path addons and more to give logistical instructions to your Sparks. Create huge networks to carry your items and Sparks places!
  • Complete quests from your fellow villagers to unlock new buildings for your workshop and see the village change as you explore procedurally generated worlds with diverse and distinct biomes, unusual enemies, and forgotten ruins.
  • You can pet the Sparks!

Oddsparks: An Automation Adventure System Requirements



OS versionWindows 10
OS versionWindows 10
CPUDual Core CPU
CPUDual Core CPU
Memory2 GB
Memory2 GB
GPUIntel HD 4000, GeForce GT 330M, Radeon HD 4670 or equivalent
GPUIntel HD 4000, GeForce GT 330M, Radeon HD 4670 or equivalent
Languages Supported
  • Audio: N/A
  • Text: English
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