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Try PC Building Simulator 2 for free now, and play the first 5 levels of Career Mode. The full game has 30 feature-packed levels, and an unrestricted Free Build mode with 1200+ realistic parts from AMD, NVIDIA, Intel, MSI, ASUS, NZXT, RAZER and more.
Full Game Features:
Start your own PC business in Career Mode, and learn to build and repair PCs. Upgrade your workshop and unlock new tools and equipment as you level up. Turn a profit while going the extra mile for your customers, and watch the positive reviews roll in.
Unleash your creativity in Free Build Mode. Select from 1200+ components to plan and execute a powerhouse PC. Install upgraded water cooling, overclock your CPU & GPU, and tweak RAM timings to turbocharge performance. Use 3DMark and Cinebench benchmarks to test and optimize your design.
Add sequenced RGB lighting, spray paint and stickers to create the ultimate custom rig. Customize your workshop with new walls, floors, posters and furniture, and make your PC building space your own.
Go deeper into your builds with realistic hardware and software simulation. Optimize cooling with the Fan Control app and thermal camera, track power consumption with Power Monitor, and add custom water blocks to GPUs, CPUs, RAM and Motherboards.

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by Kim Snaith
9 / 10
PC Building Simulator 2 sets a new benchmark for simulation games. The attention to detail, the ease of play, the presentation – everything is second to none, and we can’t get enough.
by Dylan Horetski
8 / 10
It’s safe to say that Spiral House knocked it out of the park with PC Building Simulator 2. They’ve taken an already proven successful franchise and doused it in some of the best improvements we’ve ever seen in a game.
by Alan Gadbois
9 / 10
PC Building Simulator 2 builds upon the greatness of the original with much improved visuals, new features and fun career and free build modes. It's a fantastic learning tool, but overall a awesome way to chill out and build something.
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