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The Front is a survival open-world crafting shooter. You play the role of a resistance fighter sent back in time to stop the rise of a tyrannical empire. Collect resources, craft tech, build shelters, and fight monsters to accomplish your mission.

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The Front is a survival open-world crafting shooter. You are sent back in time to stop the rise of a tyrannical empire.

The Front takes place in a post-apocalyptic sandbox world populated by mutants and hostile factions. On this war-torn land, players will engage tyrannical imperial forces, exiles, thugs, and rebels in an epic battle that will determine the fate of humanity. Team up with your friends, explore ruins and enemy areas, craft weapons and equipment, build bases and defend them with tower defense-style traps, upgrade tech, pilot tanks and helicopters, battle the elements, and contend with fearsome foes!
★ Sandbox-style Construction
Construct bases using hundreds of different building components to protect your resources and shelter yourself from this merciless world. The only limit is your imagination!
★ Tower Defense-style Traps
Strategically route monsters through a brutal crucible of traps designed to slaughter explosive beasts, invisible assassins, flying soldiers, and other catastrophically powerful invaders.
★ Craft Modern Vehicles
Craft and pilot over 20 types of functional vehicles, including pickup trucks, logging trucks, mining trucks, self-propelled anti-aircraft guns, attack helicopters, and more. In the future, The Front will also feature modifiable base vehicles, allowing players to build mobile steel behemoths.
★ Logical Systems and Circuits
Use monitoring devices such as pressure plates and infrared sensors along with complete circuits to construct automated defense systems.
★ Raid Enemy Encampments and Bases
Arm yourself with a variety of melee weapons, firearms, explosives, and even tanks and helicopters, then use these tools of war to raid the bases of other players, or simply protect your own territory.
★ Recruit Followers
Use Jammers to subdue NPCs you come across in the world. In addition to helping you in combat, these NPCs will also put their talents to use at workbenches to help you improve the efficiency of your operation and produce resources more quickly.
★ Planting and Cooking
Craft water-powered equipment, then use it to develop your own agricultural system including spraying and planting. Choose from dozens of recipes to cook delicious meals.
★ Explore a War-Torn World
Trek across deserts, forests, snowlands, swamps, and more to find unexplored and treacherous areas such as underground research institutes and restricted military bases. Along your way, you will loot structures, collect blueprints, and claim airdrops, all in the name of making yourself a force to be reckoned with.

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The Front System Requirements



OS version64-bit processor and opearating system
OS version64-bit processor and opearating system
CPUIntel i5 8400
CPUIntel i7 9700
Memory16 GB
Memory32 GB
GPUNvidia GTX 1060 6GB
DirectXDirectX 11
DirectXDirectX 12
Storage40 GB
Storage40 GB
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Languages Supported
  • Audio: N/A
  • Text: English, German, Russian, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), French, Italian, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish (Latin America), Korean, Polish
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