Way of the Hunter - Tikamoon Plains

Venture out into this exotic new hunting ground in the heart if Africa. Enjoy a new hunting adventure, using a broad range of equipment, now also including Bows, and meet wild animals like Buffalo, Hyena, Wildebeest, Honeybadger and Gemsbok.

Way of the Hunter - Tikamoon Plains

Explore diverse landscapes, from windy mountains to deadly deserts and vast savannahs teeming with life. Join Malachi, a professional hunting guide, as he leads a group of adventurers through the thrilling world of Tikamoon Plains, inspired by the African wilderness. Equip yourself with a wide selection of firearms, hunting bows and gear, to hunt for the best trophies and decorate your hunting lodge while immersing yourself in the daily routines of unique wildlife.

Welcome to Tikamoon Plains!

Whether you explore by car, UTV, or on foot, Tikamoon Plains will offer you a surprising range of biomes. From lush, green grasslands and river-side forests in the southeast, to the dry Savannahs with scattered trees and bushes, to the mountainous and desert regions in the west.

Abundant Wildlife

Life flourishes throughout Tikamoon Plains, particularly in the grasslands, where water sources attract various species like Black Wildebeests, Common Warthogs, and Egyptian Geese. In these Grasslands, you may also encounter mighty Cape buffalos, although they primarily inhabit the Savannahs, where they search for food and find shade under trees.
Observing Blue wildebeests, Gemsboks, and Spotted Hyenas in their natural habitats is truly impressive, but be cautious, as the king of the animal kingdom, the lion, controls the plains.
The Grasslands and Deserts are home to animals like the Greater Kudu but if you venture into the mountains, you're more likely to find animals like the Honey Badgers
Even the desert areas present hunting opportunities, despite their mysterious and deadly nature. The swift and agile Gemsboks thrive in this dry environment, and you may also encounter Spotted hyenas who have adapted special skills to survive.

A New Way of the Hunter Experience

Each hunting ground in the Way of the Hunter offers a unique experience, but Tikamoon Plains introduces entirely new African environments, including the Savannah and Deserts. Additionally, bows have been added as a new class of weapons and require a different hunting approach compared to firearms. Exercise caution when using them, hunter.

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Gaming Nexus
by Eric Hauter
7 / 10
Crushingly difficult. Glacially paced. Graphically challenged. And yet there is something hypnotic and impressive about the scope of Way of the Hunter and it's devotion to maintaining a realistic hunting experience, for better or for worse. Go into this one expecting realism - and I mean real-life, semi-boring realism - and you will be in the right frame of mind.
by Bill Lavoy
6 / 10
Way of the Hunter is a game that I should love, and despite the plethora of problems, there are fantastic ideas here and a world that could be incredible if it’s given a lot more attention from Nine Rocks Games. However, it’s not there yet. It’s not even close to where it needs to be, and I’m not talking about the amount of content on offer. There is more than enough game to play here. What holds Way of the Hunter back is that most of it doesn’t feel fully realized or polished. Performance is an issue, bugs are an issue, accessibility is an issue and, in many cases, the quality of the game’s systems are an issue. While I suspect things will improve over time, Way of the Hunter is a long way from where my expectations lie.
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Way of the Hunter - Tikamoon Plains System Requirements



OS64bit OS - Windows 10
OS64bit OS - Windows 10
ProcessorAMD Ryzen 3 3100 / Intel Core i3-8100
ProcessorIntel i7 quad-core
Memory8 GB
Memory16 GB
Storage15 GB
Storage15 GB
Direct X11
Direct X11
GraphicsGeForce GTX 960 / Radeon R9 380
GraphicsNVidia GTX 2070 Super 8GB VRAM
Languages Supported
  • Audio: English
  • Text: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish - Spain, Arabic, Chinese - Simplified, Chinese - Traditional, Japanese, Polish, Turkish, Russian, Czech
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