Compass of Destiny: Istanbul

Discover the 17th-century Ottoman Empire, its mysteries, and real historical events! Draw the path of your destiny with the guidance of the compass that will open the way of Fitra!

Face Your Past, Shape Your Future!

Play as a Venetian in the 17th-century Ottoman Empire and face the darkness of his past. Try to solve the problems in your past and deal with the impossibilities of your future! Customize your hero, choose wisely in challenges, and solve mysteries of The Compass in your quests for adventure and truth!

A Mysterious Look into a True Story!

Many of the stories told in Compass of Destiny are based on true events. The Chief Magistrate Ahmed Dede, who sent the hero to the expeditions, the Cretan War, the Venetian-Ottoman relationship and all the features of Istanbul were formed as a result of a detailed research.The events that took place in the Ottoman Empire of the 17th century and in the world were researched, and these historically true stories were blended with fantastic elements.

Between Two Worlds (Fitra)

Spend time in this place where destiny and creation are intertwined, where you can sometimes see the lifeline of a merchant and sometimes a king!
Find people and events that can move into the Fîtrat Realm to improve your skills while exploring Istanbul. Solve puzzles, defeat your enemies and get your rewards at the end of Fitra to see memories of the past of your character!

Making Way to Truth!

Follow the Compass that fate has forced into your hands. Find the Fitra Realm, people, quests and direction with it!
Find your way to the Fitra Realm using your Compass. Examine every item, person or event that the Compass reacts to! Trust your compass and never refuse its help!
Remember that you hold the direction of destiny, truth, past, future and everything!

Discover Your Abilities!

Access your skill scrolls and improve yourself when you complete every discovery in the Fitra Realm. Defend yourself better inside and outside the Fîtrat Realm and subdue your enemies!
Swords, Bows, Shields or Fist! Access four different skill trees in four different variants. Improve yourself in any attack position you want! Survive with different types of attacks!

Quests Based on True Stories!

Dive into historical and fact-based stories from the 17th-century Ottoman Empire!
Meet the most famous people of the 17th century such as Müneccim Ahmed Dede and Mehmed IV, listen to the real history from them and successfully fulfill their quests! Guide the story of the protagonist while witnessing the Venetian-Ottoman relationship closely!

Requisiti di sistema di Compass of Destiny: Istanbul



Versione SOWindows 7
Versione SOWindows 11
CPUIntel® Core™ i5-3470 or AMD Ryzen™ 5 1400
CPUIntel Core™ i7-5930K or AMD FX-9590
Memoria8 GB RAM
Memoria16 GB RAM
GPUNVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1060 or AMD Radeon™ RX 580
GPUNVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 3060 or AMD RX 6600
DirectXDirectX 11
DirectXDirectX 12
Dispositivo di input aggiuntivoGamepad
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  • Audio: Turco
  • Testo: Spagnolo (America Latina), Turco, Cinese semplificato, Inglese, Russo, Arabo
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