Dungeons 4

편안하고 안락한 던전을 지어 크리처들을 행복하게 해주고, 이들을 통치하고, 오버월드로 보내 착한 사람들에게 절대악이 이 세계를 지배하고 있다는 걸 잊지 못하게 해주세요.
Once upon a time in a realm far, far away, everything was lush and green. The unicorns mingled among the trees and the elves and humans lived peacefully in harmony with their surroundings. Yet somewhere at the edge of a clearing half-hidden among the trees, obscured by a rising veil of fog in the hazy half-darkness of a weather-beaten hut, a shape huddles over a large and ominously glowing crystal ball. A mumbling voice sings ancient formulae, urging the swirling glowing mists inside the crystal to part and give an insight into the future.
“All is in flux, nothing seems certain. Come, oh vagaries of space and time, separate the veil and show us what is yet to come”, the voice grumbles with the hint of an eye faintly reflecting the glow in front of its hood. The shape’s audience, only barely visible in the dim light, leans in closer and listens intently. “Time ebbs and flows, forming pools and wrinkles… but when the mists part only vague images rise from beyond the veil. Shhhh—don’t come too close, you don’t want to disturb my delicate magical weavings do you?” The shape, still bent over the orb, mutters and shoos the other back a bit more into the shadows. “Ah, now it seems to be clearing a little. I can see… something… several somethings, hints of voices echoing in the haze. A baby, something happening on Hill Doom and the coming together of the Council of Snots – what could all this mean?”
In a flash, the light reflected in the eye turns red and a distant evil laughter echoes through the woods. Stay tuned for the return of the Soothsaying Evil!
The Absolute Evil and its trusted cough servant, the Dark Elf Thalya, return in Dungeons 4 after the events of its fabulous predecessor to bring about their triumph over the forces of good once more.
Build a cozy and comfortable Dungeon to suit your creatures’ needs and rule over them, then send them out into the Overworld to kindly remind the good people living there that the Absolute Evil rules over their lands. Gather your Evilness in new and dynamic ways and unleash it upon the lush green forests and plains of the Overworld to turn them over to the dark side. But make sure that your Dungeon is well-secured by traps and defended by your creatures, for those pesky Overworlders won’t just twiddle their thumbs while you turn their land into the Absolute Evil’s most pleasurable holiday paradise.
But what is that noise? “Gold, gold, gold and gems, gold and gems and gold!” The ancient song echoes throughout the underworld, accompanied by the clanging steel of hammers and axes. The Dwarves have arrived to claim their share of the abundant resources and together with the Elves and Humans of the Overworld, they send out their raiding parties to find the Dungeon’s heart.
Dungeons 4 keeps the spirit of its predecessor, but everything is now bigger, better, and with even more dynamic Evilness™.

Everything is better with Dwarves™:

The Dwarves have arrived to build their underground strongholds and the hardy little fellows (although they don’t like being called that) compete with the Ever-Expanding Evil for space and resources.

It makes your Dungeon great again

Dungeons are up four times larger than before and there are many more creatures who wait for the All-Commanding Evil’s orders to conquer the Overworld. Now the time has come for massive armies and truly sprawling dungeons!

Ripe for the taking

The Overworld is bigger than ever before. Gain Evilness by beating Mini Bosses like the obsessively harmonious Unicorn and use it to transform the Overworld into stunning biomes of pure evil.

New and shiny

An ability-based Perk system for Thalya, the Absolute Evil’s trusted cough and most loyal subordinate, grants her impressive new powers. The Absolute Evil can now enjoy taking over the world, governing the creatures and slapping subordinates even more with the customizable Evil Hand.

Minions, everywhere

The Horde, the Undead and the Demons wait to do the Absolute Evil’s bidding, with more creatures than ever eagerly following the gesturing Evil’s orders, and Snots will play a much more prominent role this time.

Many ways to tell the story

A long campaign, narrated by the beloved English Narrator from previous titles, as well as several skirmish maps all to challenge your rule as the Absolute Evil.

Change the world

Spread your Evilness across the Overworld to bring lush and green environments over to the dark side, now shining even more vibrantly and beautifully evil as you spread your evilness across many new biomes.

Work together, slay together

2-player co-op multiplayer with both players managing one Dungeon together. All maps from the skirmish mode and the campaign are playable in co-op.
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획득 가능 업적

최후의 전쟁
10 XP
탈리아 - 그냥 불멸자
20 XP
탈리아의 집중된 분노
20 XP
해머 타임, 2라운드
10 XP
호드를 위하여!
20 XP

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Dungeons 4
Dungeons 4 - Deluxe Edition Content
Dungeons 4
Dungeons 4 - Deluxe Edition Content

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운영체제 버전Windows 10 (64 Bit)
운영체제 버전Windows 10 (64 Bit)
CPUAMD / Intel CPU running at 2.8 GHz or higher: AMD Ryzen 5 2600 or Intel Core i5-8400 or newer is recommended.
CPUAMD / Intel CPU running at 2.9 GHz or higher: AMD Ryzen 5 5600X or Intel Core i7-10700 or newer is recommended.
메모리16 GB
메모리16 GB
GPU4 GB VRAM | DirectX 11 support | NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 | AMD Equivalent
GPU6 GB VRAM | DirectX 11 support | NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 | AMD Equivalent
DirectXDirectX 11
DirectXDirectX 11
스토리지12 GB
스토리지12 GB | SSD recommended
사운드 카드Integrated or dedicated compatible soundcard.
사운드 카드Integrated or dedicated compatible soundcard.
지원 언어
  • 오디오: 중국어(간체), 프랑스어, 스페인어(스페인), 중국어(번체), 영어, 독일어
  • 텍스트: 포르투갈어(브라질), 아랍어, 스페인어(스페인), 독일어, 이탈리아어, 폴란드어, 러시아어, 영어, 프랑스어, 일본어, 중국어(간체), 중국어(번체), 한국어, 포르투갈어, 터키어
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