《Genesis Alpha One》

在这款第一人称射击roguelike游戏中建造星际飞船,探索广阔的宇宙。《Genesis Alpha One》采用了紧张刺激的Roguelike机制,融入深度飞船建造和第一人称动作元素,你将扮演一位先驱者角色,在星际之间穿梭。

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《Genesis Alpha One》

《Genesis Alpha One》采用了紧张刺激的Roguelike机制,融入深度飞船建造和第一人称动作元素,你将扮演一位先驱者角色,在星际之间穿梭。
作为 Genesis 星际飞船的船长,你将肩负终极任务,踏足太空中的未知领域。建造并管理太空飞船,收集资源,应对可怕的异形感染和克隆生物,探索随机生成的广袤宇宙。
你的目标: 为人类的 DNA 找到新的家园,拯救处于灭绝边缘的人类。

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作者:Chris Wray
8 / 10
Genesis Alpha One is a great indie roguelike that offers a combination of first-person shooter, ship-building and management elements. Building up a ship, of which you can explore and work on every single section, offers a huge sense of scale and personal ownership, especially as you travel the reaches of a dangerous galaxy in the aim for the survival of the human race. You'll task your crew, which you grow in cloning vats, to run different areas of your ship while making sure their needs are met. All of this while going to planets to scavenge resources and, of course, trying to survive against horrible alien creatures that want to do nothing more than breed with your face. Every part of the game is a fine art of balance, though like other roguelikes luck will be a key factor in your survival, which is the biggest downside to the game.
PC Invasion
作者:Andrew Farrell
Genesis Alpha One is a unique, captivating experience that achieves most of what it sets out to do.
PC Gamer
作者:Robert Zak
59 / 100
Genesis Alpha One splices the DNA of some good ideas, but doesn't execute any of them well enough.
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《Genesis Alpha One》 系统要求



操作系统Windows 7 64 位
操作系统Windows 10 64 位
处理器Intel Core i3-4130 / AMD FX-4350
处理器Core i5-4590 CPU @ 3.30GHz / AMD FX 8350
内存4 GB
内存8 GB
显示卡GeForce GTX 660 / Radeon HD 7950 或 Radeon R9 290
显示卡GeForce GTX 970 (4 GB) / Radeon R9 390
  • 语音:英语
  • 文本:简体中文、英语、法语、德语、意大利语、俄语、西班牙语(西班牙)
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