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Wildermyth follows heroes over their whole careers, from their pitchfork days to their powerful primes, and into old age and memory. It’s a party-based procedural storytelling RPG where tactical combat and story decisions will alter your world and reshape your cast of characters.

A Myth-Making Tactical RPG

Wildermyth is a character-driven, procedurally-generated tactical RPG. Like the best tabletop roleplaying experiences, Wildermyth gives you choices and answers your every decision with consequences that drive your characters forward.
Lead a band of heroes as they grow from reluctant farmers into unique, legendary fighters. Combat unexpected threats and strange monsters across interactive battlefields. Unravel mysteries and share pensive moments in an ever-new fantasy setting that blends hard truths and sacrifice with humor and personal storytelling.

An Imaginative Papercraft World

The Yondering Lands weaves hand-painted 2D characters and scenery into a 3D world to create a luscious, layered landscape, full of detail and surprises. No orcs, elves, or goblins here—but watch out for the telepathic insect-dragons and the clockwork undead.

Extreme Character Depth

Each of your heroes has their own unique generated history, personality, appearance, and relationships with the other heroes—all of which can change over the course of the game as they encounter mysteries and overcome challenges.

Choices That Matter

A hero may choose to trust the enigmatic wolf god, leading to a particularly hair-raising change in their appearance and combat abilities. Or they may choose whether to pursue a romance with a fellow hero, giving each of them new advantages from fighting side by side. Encounters and events have permanent, character-defining effects, letting you craft the arc of each character.

A New Approach to Death

Did your favorite character get one-shotted by a tentacled horror-bear? Choose to let a hero "fall back" with a maiming that will lead to some transformative new paths in their legend, or let them go out in a blaze of glory to be remembered for generations to come.

Deep and Creative Tactical Combat

Combat in Wildermyth emphasizes teamwork and careful positioning, as well as imaginative use of your evolving capabilities and surroundings. Walling and Flanking mechanics provide clear but conflicting incentives, while mystical interfusion lets you remake the battlefield with explosive magic. Multiple difficulty levels mean you can get as intense as you want to.

Cooperative Multiplayer

In a multiplayer game, you and your friends can each customize and control your own heroes as you play through a campaign. Recommended for up to five players—though in a typical campaign, you start with three heroes and pick up the fourth and fifth along the way. (A campaign mode with a five-player start is planned soon!) We also support Steam Remote Play.

Endless Replayability

Pick and choose from a huge bank of combat abilities as your heroes level up in each playthrough, and decide whether you prefer offensive or defensive tactics, brute strength, stealth, or magically flinging fire from a nearby lamp into your enemies' faces. Procedural generation gives you new heroes, new enemies, new story events, and new maps every time you play.

A Custom Pantheon of Legends

You’ll have the freedom to customize hero appearances, names, histories, and more. As time passes, heroes grow old and may retire, or else might fall in combat—and yes, some will survive all the way to the end. You can add your favorite heroes to a roster of legends and call on them again in later playthroughs. Build your own mythologies and share the awe-inspiring might of your heroes with others.
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We Emerge Changed
50 點經驗值
Overwhelming Monstrosity
15 點經驗值
Me and My Familiar
5 點經驗值
Storied Past
20 點經驗值
A Mythic Menagerie
20 點經驗值

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PC Gamer
張貼者:Sin Vega
90 / 100
Narrative design as genetic engineering, it will live in your head like an imaginary friend.
張貼者:Christian Donlan
Years pass as tales are written in this dazzling game of tactics and narrative, choices and memories.
張貼者:Rowan Kaiser
9 / 10
Indie RPG Wildermyth aims to combine the best of storytelling with the best of procedural generation and succeeds, thanks to great writing, solid tactics, and some very clever design decisions.
評論由 OpenCritic 所提供

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OS versionWindows 7
OS versionWindows 7
CPUi3 or similar
CPUi5 or similar
GPUOpenGL 3.2
GPUOpenGL 3.2
DirectXDirectX 11
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