ULTROS is a psychedelic metroidvania where you wake up stranded on The Sarcophagus — a cosmic uterus holding an ancient, demonic being. Trapped in the loop of a black hole, you will have to explore The Sarcophagus and meet its inhabitants to understand the part you play.

Break the cycle – Deliver the demon

You wake up stranded, after seemingly crashing your ship on The Sarcophagus — a giant, space-drifting, cosmic uterus holding an ancient demonic being known as ULTROS. Trapped in the eternal loop of a black hole, you will have to explore The Sarcophagus and meet its inhabitants to understand the part you play.
Are you the gruesome breaker of this cycle, or can you become a link from destruction to rebirth?


ULTROS is set in a multifaceted realm - a vast alien landscape teeming with life. Grounded in science fiction, ULTROS comes wrapped in both an eccentric art style from the visionary El Huervo, renowned for his work on Hotline Miami, and a mystical soundtrack composed and performed by Ratvader – Oscar Rydelius. ULTROS explores meta-themes of mental health, life, death, and karmic cycles through deep lore and environmental storytelling.


Experience brutal, intimate, close-quarter combat with cosmic lifeforms, driven by a sense of urgency – where precision is paramount and every cut of your blade counts. Yet this intense combat is juxtaposed with cultivating the greenery and tending to plant life in The Sarcophagus, providing precious moments of contemplation and peace. In turn, this grants deeper access to obscured paths.


The rich world of ULTROS holds many secrets for those curious enough — and fearless enough — to seek them out. A unique loop-based mechanic will allow you to start over at key moments in the story, providing opportunities to unfold such secrets, unlock different areas of the world and new abilities on a branching skill tree. Experiment with and master your own specific fighting style as you explore the world of ULTROS. Each loop brings you closer to the truth...

Logros disponibles

Florecimiento de la tarde
50 de EXP
El festín de la cosecha
50 de EXP
El pago en carne que exijo
50 de EXP
Gratitud del escritor
70 de EXP
Más allá de la intrincada configuración de la mente
50 de EXP

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Ultros: Digital Artbook & Soundtrack
USD 24.99
Ultros: Digital Artbook & Soundtrack
USD 34.99
USD 27.99

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PC Gamer
por Baxter Burchill
82 / 100
Ultros is easy enough that you rarely have to fully engage with its most interesting mechanics, and its writing struggles to effectively convey its lofty ideals. But the lines still connect together at the end, turning this metroidvania into a beautiful, circular experience of presence and balance. It’s a game that wants you to see the world differently when you finish it, and the way everything is connected. If nothing else, what other game lets you take a stroll through an umbilical cord?
por Joe Donnelly
"Just when you thought Ultros couldn't get any more outlandish, it has its own gardening system."
por Christian Donlan
4 / 5
Psychedelic stylings accompany a game of transformation and discovery.
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Versión de sistema operativoWindows 7
Versión de sistema operativoWindows 11
ProcesadorIntel Core i5 (5th generation)
ProcesadorIntel Core i5 (6th generation)
Memoria8 GB RAM
Memoria8 GB RAM
GPUGeForce GT 750M
GPUGeForce GTX 850M
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  • Audio: Chino tradicional, Chino simplificado, Inglés, Japonés, Italiano, Alemán, Francés, Español (España), Portugués brasileño, Coreano
  • Texto: Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish (Spain), Spanish (Latin America)
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