Turn Based Games

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Turn-based Games FAQ

What is a turn-based game?

Turn-based video games are games that break down gameplay into turns, with players taking turns as they play through the game. This form of gameplay can be found in strategy games
, specifically turn-based strategy – also known as TBS games – and turn-based tactical games – also known as TBT games. But there are also video board games, role-playing games
, adventure games
, and other genres that use this form of play.

Can I play turn-based games with friends?

Yes, you can play turn-based games with friends. That’s actually the best way to play these games. Because they are turn-based, not only do they often support online play, they can also support local or couch play, allowing players to take turns playing a game on the same computer.

Are there turn-based games with character creation?

Yes, there are turn-based games with character creation. Because you can find turn-based games in a multitude of genres, you can also find some turn-based games that also support character creation. Role-playing games, in particular, often include character creation.

How popular are turn-based PC games?

Turn-based PC games are very popular. Some of the best-selling PC games are turn-based or have a turn-based component. Players of turn-based games are known to have a favorite game that they’ll play constantly. Playing as leaders of countries trying to expand across the world takes a lot of time and planning, which leads to some single saves lasting months and even years.

What is turn-based combat?

Turn-based combat is where you directly control a number of units on the battlefield, a move at a time. Think of how Chess has players select a unit on the board, move it, and then give up the board to the opponent for their move. You have to wait. Turn-based combat resembles that, but with potentially multiple moves on your side before the opponent responds in a similar fashion.
Turn-based games are played out on levels with grids, with each grid shape (square or hexagon, usually) acting as one step for the characters under your control. Each unit will have a number of points they can spend that can correspond to an attack, a buff, or a movement across a number of grids. Turn-based battles will involve you maneuvering your characters into position on the grid and then attacking when you’re in the desired spot. This might not happen during the same turn, as moves and attacks are limited. When you’ve moved and possibly attacked with all your units, you end the turn and allow your opponent to do the same. Combat will automatically occur according to your attack strategies. The winner of the battle is the side with the most players left.