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Windows Games FAQ

What are Windows games?

Windows games are games that run on the Windows Operating System. An operating system, or OS, is the main program that your computer runs on. Windows is one of those and the most dominant on gaming PCs. Because of that, most games are Windows games.
The most recent version of Windows is Windows 11, though Windows 10 is still very popular and will receive support (security updates, critical fixes) until 2025.

Is Windows good for gaming?

Given that almost all PC games run on Windows, it can be called good for gaming. It has an ecosystem of drivers that make games work and a number of programs that can be used to enhance games. These are often developed by third parties, but they will almost always target Windows as the main platform. The same can be said for hardware. It’s almost always designed with a Windows PC in mind, so if you’re looking for the most supported OS, Windows is currently that.

Are there any free PC Windows games I can download?

Yes. All the free games on the Epic Games Store run on Windows.

Are there Windows games with controller support?

Yes. Any game that has controller support listed on the Epic Games Store will be running on Windows.

How can I download Windows games for free?

You can create an Epic Games Store account and download the Epic Games Store Launcher. That will allow you to access any free games on the store, all of which will support Windows.