New Games Coming Out for PC

The Biggest Upcoming PC Games of 2022

By Brian Crecente and Craig Pearson

We’re a few months into 2022, and we’ve already had a stellar year of game releases. Console deity smasher God of War arrived on the PC in January, and Dying Light 2 Stay Human swiftly followed (across the rooftops, chased by the Infected.

We’ve updated our list of some of the biggest upcoming PC games of the year to help you keep track of 2022’s game releases. Sony will continue to bring their console classics to the PC, with UNCHARTED: Legacy of Thieves Collection on the way. Evil Dead: The Game will give you a chainsaw, some friends, and a whole heap of Deadites to battle. And there’s more to come.

Below are the most exciting PC games hitting Epic Games Store in 2022 and beyond. Don’t forget to add them to your wishlist. This article was last updated in April 2022.

New PC Games Releasing in JANUARY


God of War

God of War PC release date is Jan. 14, 2022

The biggest game of 2018 is back, but this time on computers, finally giving PC gamers a chance to see what all of the God of War chatter has been about. In this reimagining of the storied franchise, players once more take on Kratos, but this time he has a son, and instead of going after the Olympian gods he has his sights set on the gods and beasties of Norse mythology.
God Of War 2 for PC

Rainbow Six Extraction

Rainbow Six Extraction PC release date is Jan. 20, 2022

We’ve come a long way since Ubisoft created its first game based on a ‘90s Tom Clancy novel about a high-tech multinational counter-terrorism unit codenamed Rainbow. The Rainbow Six novels inspired a beloved franchise of tactical shooter video games which have — for the most part — stuck to the realm of sort of possible, until now. In Rainbow Six Extraction, players are out to fight back a parasitic alien called the Archaeans in what amounts to a tactical co-op shooter. 
Rainbow Six Extraction for PC

Strange Horticulture

Strange Horticulture PC release date is Jan. 21, 2022

Stop me if you’ve played this sort of game before: Strange Horticulture has you running a local plant store and using your occult knowledge of horticulture to both serve the community and unravel the local goings-on and mysteries. Oh, and it’s a puzzle game. Half the charm of Strange Horticulture is its unusual gameplay, setting, and stories. The other half is, well, its charm. Did I mention that the game lets you pet your cat?
Strange Horticulture for PC

Not for Broadcast

Not for Broadcast PC release date is Jan. 25, 2022

Sure, this game has been in early access since 2020, but now it’s here, ready for its full, official release. Not for Broadcast is a broadcast news simulator (or propaganda television simulator) set in a dystopian alternate 1980s Britain run by an oppressive, and radical government. It’s your job to put together a live show by cutting between multiple camera feeds of video, all while censoring and tossing in ads. The results are almost always funny. The official 1.0 release adds a third and final chapter to the game, 17 hours of new TV content, 17 new ads, new story endings, and a slew of other bits and pieces.
Not For Broadcast for PC


New PC Games Releasing in FEBRUARY


Dying Light 2 Stay Human

Dying Light 2 Stay Human PC release date is Feb. 4, 2022

In this sequel to 2015’s action-adventure zombie survival game, players are dropped into the open-world 20 years after the original Dying Light. While zombies remain the chief antagonists of the title, players will also have to deal with the many factions and settlements found across the City’s massive open map. One of the last human settlements, the City is teetering on the brink of collapse and, wouldn’t you know it, it’s up to you to help save what remains of the world.
Dying Light 2 for PC


Sifu PC release date is Feb. 8, 2022

This third-person action game is built around the intense hand-to-hand combat of Pak-Mei Kung-Fu. Players start each game as a young Kung Fu student out for revenge against those that murdered his family. Each time he dies, a mysterious pendant saves him, but at the cost of years of his life. This is an unrelated follow-up to developer Sloclap’s absolutely wonderful Absolver, so expect big things.
Sifu for PC

King of Fighters XV

King of Fighters XV PC release date is Feb. 16, 2022

The King of Fighters franchise has been delivering a fantastic platform for fighting game fans since the original hit in 1994, smashing together characters from Fatal Fury and Art of Fighting with a slew of favorites from other SNK properties and some originals to boot. It’s been six years since the last big KOF hit, and XV is set to deliver 39 playable fighters at launch, a narrative ending to the franchise’s story mode, a new shatter strike mechanic, and — incredibly important to fans — the use of rollback netcode to reduce online lag.
King Of Fighters 15 for PC

Total War: Warhammer III

Total War: Warhammer III PC release date is Feb. 17, 2022

Blending real-time strategy with turn-based gameplay, Total War returns once more to the Games Workshop’s Warhammer Fantasy universe for Total War: Warhammer III. This time around players will be able to select from seven factions: The grand Cathay, Kislev, Khorne, Tzeentch, Nurgle, Slaanesh, and — if you pre-order the game — the Ogre Kingdoms. Warhammer III will support custom battle modes, online
Warhammer 3 for PC

Martha is Dead

Martha is Dead PC release date is Feb. 24, 2022

This psychological thriller from the developers behind award-winner game The Town of Light is one of the first to make use of Unreal Engine’s metahuman technology. The game is set in 1944 Italy and has you dealing with the murder of your twin sister as you wade through the trauma of loss, explore the war-torn Italian countryside and try to decipher the folklore surrounding The Lady of the Lake.
Martha Is Dead for PC


New PC Games Releasing in MARCH


Elex II

Elex II PC release date is March 1, 2022

From Piranha Bytes, the makers of Gothic and Risen, Elex II returns to the ‘science-fantasy’ world of Magalan. Players control Jax, who must travel the game’s vast open-world to unite the multiple factions against an alien threat. It’s a hefty combination of fantasy tropes and sci-fi tech, where you’ll fight dragons while flying through the air on a jetpack, and battle aliens using bows and arrows. 
Elex 2 for PC

FAR: Changing Tides

FAR: Changing Tides PC release date is March 1, 2022

Make your way from the ruined cities and dusty plains of FAR: Lone Sails to the depths of the stormy seas in this sequel. Gameplay still takes place in the cross-section of your ever-evolving, always moving ship, but much has been added to FAR: Changing Tides. New puzzles, ship mechanics, and a new protagonist help to bring life to this new story meant to be a companion piece to the original game.
Far Changing Tides for PC



STRANGER OF PARADISE FINAL FANTASY ORIGIN is a ‘retelling of Final Fantasy 1’ from Team Ninja, the developers of Nioh. It explores the origins of Garland, the original game's main villain, this time letting you play him on his road to ruin. The stately Famicom JRPG has been reimagined as a Souls-like action-adventure, with real-time combat that resembles a street fight and drops piles of loot. 
Stranger Of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin for PC

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands PC release date is March 25, 2022

Borderlands’ best character, the intense teenager Tiny Tina, gets her own game. Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands leans even harder into the RPG elements of the series. Tina is the dungeon master of her favorite game, Bunkers & Badasses. It has a tabletop overworld to explore, but you’ll be fighting in first-person. The setting allows Borderlands to expand in a number of ways, with full character customization, and magic and melee weapons being wielded alongside the infamously huge variety of guns.
Tiny Tinas Wonderlands for PC


New PC Games Releasing in APRIL


LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga PC release date is April 5, 2022

Developer TT Games have been weaving magic out of LEGO bricks and beloved stories for nearly 20 years. The studio’s work includes family-friendly classics like LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, LEGO Harry Potter, and LEGO Indiana Jones. But it all started with LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game, a title that proved the value of family gaming and digital bricks. In this sixth Star Wars title from the studio, TT Games adapts all nine entries in the Skywalker saga into a single, massive video game featuring 45 levels and more than 300 playable characters.
Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga for PC

Warframe: Angels of the Zariman

Warframe: Angels of the Zariman PC release date is April 27, 2022

It’s been nine years since the original free-to-play third-person shooter from Digital Extremes hit, but the multiplayer game is still going strong. The studio released its last major narrative update at the end of 2021 with Warframe’s The New War, which wrapped up some long-running storylines. The Angels of the Zariman expansion is a direct follow-up, dropping players into the Zariman Ten Zero experimental ship, home to the game’s ninja-like Tenno. Angels of the Zariman includes a new quest, a new Warframe called Gyre, and a personal apartment for players. 
Warframe Angels Of The Zariman for PC

Space Punks

Space Punks PC release date is April 20, 2022

Arriving in open beta on April 20, Space Punks is the latest romp from Flying Wild Hog—the developer behind the Shadow Warrior games and Evil West. The cooperative role-playing game is a twin-stick shooter controlled from a top-down perspective that has you choosing from four anti-heroes set on looting the galaxy while taking on increasingly difficult hordes of aliens and bosses. The free-to-play title promises to be a living, evolving online game with the ability to purchase cosmetic items, but nothing that directly impacts play.
Space Punks for PC


New PC Games Releasing in MAY


Salt and Sacrifice

Salt and Sacrifice PC Release date is May 10, 2022

Salt and Sacrifice is a side-scrolling soulslike that builds on Salt and Sanctuary’s bleak, lonely scrabble through an ash-strewn world. The player must hunt vast Mages—multi-stage elemental bosses—while dealing with the condemned souls that pick at your bones. The tricky, perfectly timed combat against the regular NPCs is hard enough, but for the truly brave, there’s a multiplayer mode that enables other players of various factions to help or hinder your progress, should you let them in. 
Salt And Sacrifice for PC

Evil Dead: The Game

Evil Dead: The Game PC Release date is May 13, 2022

Based on the cult movie series and TV show Evil Dead: The Game is a co-op and PVP action game. You play Ash and his team of Ghost Beaters (all voiced by the real cast) as he battles an army of Deadites swarming through the classic movie sets. Swing spades, chainsaws to send the risen dead back from where they came. Or you can flip the script and take control of a Kandarian demon-hunting down the team, possessing everything from players to trees to rip the good guys apart. 
Upcoming Pc Games 2022

Vampire: The Masquerade - Swansong

Vampire: The Masquerade - Swansong PC release date is May 19

A choice-driven narrative RPG within the expansive and toothy Vampire: The Masquerade universe, Swansong lets you investigate an attack on Boston’s largest vampire clan as one of three characters. Each brings their unique skills and point-of-view to the investigation, letting you uncover the conspiracy in the manner of your choosing. A secure door can be eluded via one character’s lock-picking prowess, or another’s persuasive powers, as long as you have the stats and aren’t hungering for blood. 
Vampire The Masquerade Swansong

Sniper Elite 5

Sniper Elite 5 PC Release date is May 26, 2022

The long-running WW2 action series Sniper Elite returns in May. You can play as a lone gunman methodically taking down Nazis in intricate levels or bring a friend along for double the fun. Sniping is at the core of the game, letting you find the perfect spot in the huge levels to take down designated targets, but there are traps to lay and dangling crates with careless guards below. A new twist on the multiplayer will enable players to invade the campaign of other players, meaning you have to worry about another potentially skilled sniper trailing you through Nazi-occupied France. 
Sniper Elite 5

My Time At Sandrock

My Time At Sandrock PC Release date is May 26, 2022

Wholesome and post-apocalyptic generally don’t go together, but My Time At Sandrock—the sequel to My Time At Portia—lets you gently rebuild a struggling city into a thriving community. Creation, cultivation, and community will be the basis for the early access title. You’ll rebuild the world, learning how to make everything from plates to bridges, and as you seed the land, you’ll uncover relics from the old world. You can’t do it alone. Fortunately, the city of Sandrock is home to over 30 NPCs with which to mingle. Get to know them with gifts and gatherings. 
My Time At Sandrock


New PC Games Coming Soon

There’s more! We have a number of games coming to the Epic Games Store after the first half of 2022. Here’s what you can hope to see in 2022 and beyond. 

Saints Row

Saints Row PC release date is Aug. 23, 2022

This reboot of the storied Saints Row series, which launched in 2006, will feature the delicate balancing act of serious and comedic gameplay and story found in Saints Row: The Third, but without the over-the-top wacky nature of the more recent titles in the franchise. The game is also culling some of the more off-color elements found in the series’ history. In the reboot, open-world gameplay takes place in a city in the American southwest controlled by three gangs. Players will try to wrest control of the city by founding a new gang of disenfranchised criminals.
Saints Row


Forspoken PC release date is Oct. 11, 2022

A gorgeous creation by newly formed studio Luminous Productions—a collective of former Final Fantasy XV developers—Forspoken drops players in the shoes of Frey Holland shortly after she finds herself plucked from New York City to the fantasy world of Athia. Frey uses her newfound magical powers to journey through the breathtaking and incredibly dangerous new world in the hopes of finding her way home and overthrowing the tyrannical Tantas who control the land. The game’s surreal enemies, and Frey’s unusual magic, look like they’ll mix well to deliver striking visuals and stunning gameplay moments.

Star Trek: Resurgence

Star Trek: Resurgence PC Release date is Coming Soon

Star Trek: Resurgence is an apt title. Star Trek is everywhere right now, and with multiple series and movies out hunting for strange new worlds, it was only a matter of time before a new game was announced. Star Trek: Resurgence is a late-TNG-era adventure game from Dramatic Labs, a team made up of former Telltale Games developers. They’re crafting a narrative adventure game that brims with diplomatic dialogue and technobabble, letting you experience anomalies, space diplomacy, and a visit from Spock from two crew members’ perspectives. 
Star Trek Resurgence

Homeworld 3

Homeworld 3 PC Release date is Coming Soon

Space-based strategy series Homeworld has sporadically released remasters and spin-offs since 2003, but this is the first full sequel in 19 years. Set sometime after Homeworld 2, Homeworld 3 follows an age of abundance created by a hyperspace gate network. That network is now collapsing, and returning protagonist Karan S'jet must discover why. The typical resource gathering, fleet building, and tactical battles of the genre swirl around the player’s Mothership in stark, austere space backdrops that still makes the series stand out. 
Homeworld 3


Rumbleverse PC Release date is Coming Soon

Iron Galaxy Studios’ 40-player brawler royale Rumbleverse brings fists to the battle royale formula. The players get shot out of a cannon into the dense Grapital City, a pugilistic playground where you join a vast melee battle across an entire city. Players will create their unique champion to brawl their way to the top of the leader board. Rumbleverse will be free-to-play and exclusively on the Epic Game Store when released. 


Railgrade PC Release date is Coming Soon

Just because you’re on a distant planet and suffering an economic collapse doesn’t mean the trains shouldn’t run on time. In Railgrade, you restore a colony’s fortunes by planning and building an efficient train system. Click together tracks across deserts and canyons, aiming to create the perfect route that delivers the needed cargo to cut-off towns. Your rolling stock of trains will power the planet’s industrial revolution. 

The Settlers

The Settlers PC Release date is Coming Soon

The Settlers franchise has been around since the early ‘90s, first delivering a real-time city-building strategy game built around a robust economic system of supply and demand. Over the years, the franchise has dipped and dived between a focus on economy, city planning, and military acumen, while always delivering a typically well-received strategy title. This latest take — which like the original is simply named The Settlers — is a reboot of the franchise that promises to be a return to methodical pacing, intense detail, and well-rounded paths to victory.
Biggest Upcoming Pc Games 2022 The Settlers

PC Building Simulator 2

PC Building Simulator 2 PC Release date is Coming Soon

Craft PCs to build a computer empire. PC Building Simulator 2 is a game where you design gaming PCs. Start with a bland case, and turn it into an LED-wreathed gaming powerhouse. With authentic parts from over 45 real-world brands, including AMD, Intel, and NVIDIA, you can pair parts and hook up complicated water-cooling systems without having to worry about the expensive mistake of wrecking a graphics card in the real world.  
Pc Building Simulator 2

UNCHARTED: Legacy of Thieves Collection

UNCHARTED: Legacy of Thieves Collection PC Release date is Coming Soon

Two remastered console classics come to the PC in UNCHARTED: Legacy of Thieves Collection. The package contains UNCHARTED 4: A Thief’s End, which has Nathan Drake hunting down pirate treasure across the globe. The levels are vast, exotic puzzles to explore and solve. UNCHARTED: The Lost Legacy is the first game of the series not to star Nathan Drake. Players control Chloe Frazer as she steps into the lead role, hunting the Tusk of Ganesh. 
Uncharted Legacy Of Thieves Collection

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chornobyl

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chornobyl PC release date Coming Soon

The S.T.A.L.K.E.R. franchise launched with a bang back in 2007 when Ukrainian-based developer GSC Game World introduced the world to the Exclusion Zone—a science fiction twist on the real-world Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, which features mutations and unexplainable, deadly anomalies. This latest entry in the first-person survival horror series was initially set for a 2012 release but disappeared, only to resurface as an Unreal Engine 5 game in 2018. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chornobyl features a non-linear story built around the post-apocalyptic fate of the Zone. A multiplayer mode for the game is planned for soon after the game’s initial release.
Stalker 2 Heart Of Chornobyl