Unwrap the Epic Games Store Holiday Sale 2023!

By Epic Games

Welcome to the Epic Games Store Holiday Sale 2023

We want you to have the happiest of holidays for 2023, so we’ve put together the most festive sale. It has thousands of discounted games, limitless 33% Epic Coupons, an Epic Rewards boost to 10%, 17 free games, and free cosmetics for everyone. 

The event runs from today (Dec. 13, 2023) 11 AM ET (4 PM GMT / 5 PM CET), to Jan. 10, 2024 11 AM ET (4 PM GMT / 5 PM CET) Read about the highlights below!

Thousands of titles on sale, limitless 33% Epic Coupons, and an Epic Rewards boost to 10%!  

In addition to the thousands of discounted titles, from today (Dec. 13, 2023) 11 AM ET (4 PM GMT / 5 PM CET), to Jan. 10, 2024 11 AM ET (4 PM GMT / 5 PM CET), any eligible transactions at, above, or adding up to $14.99 or higher will have a 33% Epic Coupon automatically applied at checkout (see Terms and Conditions). The Epic Coupon is limitless, so you’ll receive one following each eligible transaction completed for the duration of the event. We’ll also be boosting our Epic Rewards program to 10% for the duration of Holiday Sale.

Holiday Sale 2023 highlights 

We’ve gathered together some of the sale’s highlights. These are all incredible games and represent just a small selection of the thousands of titles discounted during the Holiday Sale.
The Epic Games Store Holiday Sale 2023 Alan Wake 2

Alan Wake 2
Remedy’s long-planned sequel is a remarkable game, mixing live-action and meta commentary with survival horror. Alongside Alan is a new controllable character, Saga Anderson. As Alan desperately tries to write his way out of a limbo of his own creation, Anderson’s real-world investigation drags her deeper into Bright Fall’s dark past. Help is at hand in our Alan Wake 2 guide

As an added bonus, anyone who buys Alan Wake 2 during our Holiday Sale will receive a digital voucher code for one copy of Alan Wake Remastered on PC. Offer ends January 10, 2024, see page for full details. 

The game living rooms were invented for. EA SPORTS FC 24 has thousands of players and hundreds of teams to choose from. Things are slicker than ever on the pitch, with animation motion-captured during real games, and the most recognizable players on the planet at your control. Learn the basics of football with our guide

Assassin’s Creed Mirage
Assassin’s Creed Mirage wants you to remember the origins of the series. It’s a game as sharp as a blade, pared down from the vast RPG the series has slowly become over the years. Now it’s focused on missions, powers, and parkour, as Basim learns to be an assassin in the crowded streets of Baghdad. Get started with our early skills guide

Payday 3
Find yourself in your criminal element. Plan and execute heists with up to three other masked friends. Battle banks for the contents of their vaults, hit exclusive clubs for their evening’s profits, and assume something somewhere will go wrong. A good heist is fun, but a bad heist will be the bullet-riddled job of a lifetime. Read how to pull off the perfect heist in our guide. 

Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria
The Dwarves return to their homeland to dig up their ancient treasures and reclaim their rightful home. It’s the perfect setting for a survival crafting game: dig deep, build bases, fight orcs, and uncover the secrets that were lost thousands of years ago. The co-operative mining game allows eight friends to form their own fellowship, and our guide will help you progress. 

Lords of the Fallen
Lords of the Fallen is an action RPG with a world-changing twist on the Soulslike formula.  Axiom is shadowed by Umbral, a realm that’s always there, waiting for you to die. Lose in Axiom and you can battle back to your body in the harsher realm of Umbral, restoring yourself and carrying on your quest to overthrow the demon God. Make a strong start with our beginner’s guide. 

Dead by Daylight: Ultimate Edition
The asymmetrical multiplayer nexus of all horror. Play the victim as one of four Survivors trying to escape the horror. Or be a Killer, a creature plucked from a roster of classic horror villains, stalking your prey through levels while wielding chainsaws, hatchets, and more. It has original designs and several DLCs of famous monsters to embody. 

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales
The perfect game for the holiday season. Swing through a snow-blanketed Manhattan as Miles Morales adjusts to his new life as Spider-Man. With Peter off on a European adventure, Miles is left to protect the city by himself. It’s full of web-slinging and big battles, augmented with Morales's new powers: he can blast electricity, and turn invisible. 

God of War
Kratos has a new life, raising a son in frosty Midgard, and looking for a quiet life as a fallen God. Things change. Striving to fulfill a promise to his dead wife, he must lead his son through the dangerous realm. Though it has some weighty themes, it’s also a spectacular third-person action game. Kratos is the God of War, and battles everyone with the power and skill of that position. His axe is one of gaming’s greatest weapons.  

Featured cosmetics!

We have some fantastic festive freebies to grab right now. 

Fall Guys
Grab the Giddy Gift for Fall Guys! The present-themed Costume will make you a real presence in the Blunderdome. 
Fall Guys Holiday Sale Cosmetic
Log-in to Warframe via the Epic Game Store during the sale to grab the Atterax Weapon, a 7-Day Affinity Booster, and a 7-Day Credit Booster. 
Warframe Holiday Sale Cosmetic
Honkai Impact 3rd
Celebrate the Epic Games Store Holiday Sale and get 500 Asterites and 100,000 Coins in Honkai Impact 3rd for FREE!
Honkai Impact Holiday Sale Cosmetic
Disney Speedstorm
Grab the Monochromatic Pack for Disney Speedstorm to get: Racing Suit for Goofy: Monochromatic Classic, Kart Livery for Goofy: Monochromatic Classic, Chip n' Dale Rare Crew Shards, and 5 Universal Box Credits!
Disney Speedstorm Holiday Sale Cosmetic
Idle Champions of Forgotten Realms
The Dungeons & Dragons strategy management game will drop some lovely loot. The Dark Justiciar Shadowheart Party Pack comes with the Dark Justiciar Shadowheart Skin, the Shadowheart Epic Feat, Champion Unlocks for Shadowheart, Lae'zel, and Astarion, and 7 Chests and 1 Guaranteed Shiny Card for Shadowheart, Lae'zel, and Astarion. 
Idle Champions Holiday Sale Cosmetic
Show off in the co-op shooter with The Winterfest Bundle, which includes the New Season Pack, with an Epic Exclusive Weapon Skin, Runner Layla Outfit, and Avatar, and the General Pack with 10 Automat Coins and a VIP pass. 
Synced Holiday Sale Cosmetic
World of Warships
Look ship shape with World of Warships. Their pack has 1x Pan-Asian Ning Hai Cruiser, 15x Eco Boosts (2 of each kind, 2 levels), 5x Santa's Gift containers, 1x Epic patch, 10x EGS camouflage, 10x New Year Sky camouflage.
World Of Warships Holiday Sale Cosmetic
EVE Online
You’ll feel pretty cosmic with the Superluminal Pack, with four stunning new SKINs and a set of unique Capsuleer clothing!
Eve Online Holiday Sale Cosmetic


17 free games!

The Epic Games Store Holiday Sale 2023 is full of free games for the duration of the sale, and the first one has just gone live! Head to the Epic Games Store Free Games page to find out all the details. 

Enjoy the sale, everyone!